Sunday, 21 December 2014

Book Reading

More excerpts from my book that I love ......its like a book reading...These lines seem to be effortless....when read..I love them....writing and reading for me is therapy....I don't know what else would I have done if not this?

“Please be my guest and make yourself comfortable.” Ananya asked, “Will you have some coffee?”
“No, no, dear! Dinner time, na.
Mrs Verma’s Ramayan started. She was a great fan of Lord Rama. She regularly watched Mahadev on Colors too.
“Ooohhh, my sweety pie, come to aunty,” she cajoled Alia.
Alia whimpered and purred in ecstasy and started to crawl on the floor faster. Ananya meanwhile glided into the kitchen in search of food. She loaded her plate with raita and pudina paratha.
The doorbell rang again.
“I heard the voices and could not control. I thought of joining in.” Mrs Mishra was at the door.
“Is your TV working?” Mrs Verma asked again from her sofa as she saw Mrs Mishra at the door.
“Yes. Yours is not? Again?” “I think mine has a problem,” informed Mrs Verma. “Please join us,” said Ananya courteously. “Have dinner.
Marri has made pudina paratha.” “Nai, nai, don’t bother. I have made nice pulav.” “It is high time we got together. I am always busy. How
are you, Mrs Mishra? Are your children home?” asked Ananya.
“Yes. As you know, they are always home from college in the afternoon only, but Rajeev went to the tennis class and has not returned still. Waiting for him. He is not taking my calls also.” That was a perennial complaint of Mrs Mishra that her children did not respond to her calls.
“Where does he go for the classes?” “To the next society. They have a good instructor.” “Come in, don’t stand near the door, come in,” shoutedMrs Verma from the sofa.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Two Winters and 365 Days...exceptional para share--

Anu's Chatter..

I always wanted to share some Yahoo moments  with my fans and readers ................the paragraph below is the peek into one of those  exceptional  writings  that just happened 

“But you are everything I want in a woman . . . I just know it . . . In fact, I had fallen for you the moment you walked into my office the very first day . . . with a stained white shirt and a messy confused expression . . . only, only, I discovered it later.”“Oh! Oh! My shirt, it was . . . it was Alia,” Ananya stammered unable to talk. “Why did you hire me then?” she said, suddenly angry.“I wanted to give you a chance,” he laughed “Actually it was your speech that did the trick.”“Speech?” “Yes! The fiery speech . . . of goldmine thing?”“Oh, goldmine? I don’t remember.”“You don’t, but I do . . . I want you to give me a chance now!” he added.The street children were around them, watching amusedly. They were prompting Ananya in Hindi, “Haan bol, haan bol... ek picture mein dekha tha aisa hi scene” (Say yes, say yes . . . we have seen the same situation in a Hindi film).Ananya did not know whether to laugh or to cry standing there.“We are making a scene,” she mumbled. Vicky just laughed without budging.Ananya’s hair blew in the golden red light of the setting sun. Her heart was beating a million times louder and faster. Words were not helping her either. Street urchins were dancing around them now, singing some filmy songs.

Friday, 21 November 2014

The remarkable power of Reiki healing

The remarkable power of Reiki healing...following are the benefits ------

Increases inner peace, mental clarity, personal growth, & emotional stability

Promotes calmness, loosens up blocked energy & promotes a state of deep relaxation

Relaxes the body and significantly reduces stress, tension, anxiety, surgery discomfort & depression

Provides relief from acute or chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of confidence, addiction and fear-based illnesses

Complements medical treatment

Promotes creativity

Increases vitality & energy levels

Boosts and strengthens the immune system

Enhances personal awareness

Releases blocked and suppressed feelings

Makes ones transition at the end of life more comfortable and less anxious


Saturday, 30 August 2014

Blogathon blog---30

Anu's Chatter...

*Dear friends today is the last blog of this blogathon ..a journey --that was full of trials and was a very eventful blogathon though I must say as I  have posted a blog every single day no matter what ....I could not keep the promise to myself a couple of times as without my knowledge the machine started acting , as I sat to pound my thoughts and it all happened in the middle of the  night! ..... today as I drum away the keys for the last time I am feeling achieved!  I am happy I could keep it alive ........

*I had so many wonderful things to share because of the festive season and there was no  time because of which I could not....  but realized it would have been much easier  if I had the access to share my thoughts in pictures if not in words ( as the best memories  in life sometimes come in pictures not in words - always) ........ unfortunately my blog does not allow pictures to be posted..

*Infact when it was created I did not even think that I will blog on it actively !

*Now after the steady increase of my followers and the constant way I turn to it  to unburden ..... I see it as an undeniable part of my  life and existence! 

*So my promise to my self on this last day of blogathon is to make  it more visible, interesting, interactive and, and  accessible to pictures...! A big thank you to all for following me and  please please do not forget to post your comments! please? 


Anu's Chatter...

*Its a lazy Sunday morning and its raining cats and dogs outside while I smash my last but one blog on the heart today is a little sad for the Ganapatti Visarjan that we did for our home idol yesterday I write this my eyes are moist like my window panes drenched in rain water .....

*the place I went for Visarjan that  to drown my Bappa was replete with small and big Ganpattis of all colours , sizes and all forms and designs....they were all beautiful needless to say and some even rode on planes and mobikes...Cute idols I write this I cannot but wonder---like the Ganpatii that came and went friends life goes on.....

*While bidding farewell to our dear elephant God...I saw all kinds of emotions there including me who cried a bit as my Bappa was taken by a volunteer to be immersed in the tank-full of 'created holy waters' .....

*I could see the crown shining till it was fully immersed and promised to myself that ----the year  will be for me as shining as the jewels on his little crown....till it will be time for the next!! Life goes on.... 

Friday, 29 August 2014


Anu's Chatter..

Today the Lord looks beautiful laden with flowers and my home smells of incense..and sandalwood...But this festival reminds of the year that turned so very fast in the  twinkle of an eye.

The turning of an year makes me nostalgic reminds me of those people who are in my life like-my mom,  or my other  close family and ...and  my old such friend I must mention here ....I am missing today immensely....who went through a bad divorce and moved away from this country itself..I lost touch with her but she is right here in my heart..this festive season is dedicated to her and to all of my friends in the past who were a part of my existence  and made my world worth - a - while. Besides this particular friend...has run away far but she happens to be celebrity in a way so I have found  her... I will keep you updated ..keep reading. What? My blogs!


Anu's Chatter....

I have been maha busy guys following a ritual that I am keeping now for years....I love it! This year also I was at the pendal to collect my perfect bundle ...Ganesha..

Amidst all this keeping up with the Blogathon was a real challenge...any ways bringing Ganesha home brings in a lot of happiness ..personal happiness! Somehow the whole atmosphere at home changes...the flowers, and the agarbattis set the mood starting at the pen dal  where I collect him...when I went there..

The old artisan of the pen dal was  in a more festive mood...he announced that he was no more an artisan..he was equal ant to the lord on my hands ready to come home....

"So?" I ask.

" You have to give me some dakshina madam."

" Yes I know but let me first see my lord."

He obliged in his toothless smile.

The lord looked perfect laden with the white and other colored stones as his jewelry, as requested by me.

" I am happy he looks so for your dakshina I say"handing him over, a 50 and a one rupee note.

He says "Thank you."his toothless words.

I respond--"Ganpati bappa morya."

He joins.."Pudche varshi loukari ya."

These are mahar ashtrian words guys ......please find the meaning and you will feel as happy as I am feeling now!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Anu's Chatter....

According to a survey finding the right partner is the most difficult thing in this world.....this survey was conducted by the most sought after marriage cite  in . After I chanced on this survey ...... I went on Google (Google is God) and searched for the average age for marriage of a working Indian girl and came off with some surprising facts actually...... 

1) Indian working women do not want to get married.

2) Most of the working women in India are unmarried and above thirty.

Now the most important fact...they are getting good grooms but they do not want to take responsibility.....or they are divorced by thirty as they did not find their partners up to the mark!
As for me I thanked my lucky stars for being  married and finding  my husband ....I do not want any changes and yes I love responsibility!  

Monday, 25 August 2014


Anu;s Chatter...

Hi Guys it is ten thirty in the night and I am pounding on my machine to finish my 25th blog for the marathon.....I am so happy now I am coming to the end of the marathon and self imposed one at that .....five more to the midst of all this Guys I wanted to share a regular event that irritates me the most nowadays to no end----

 I come across a woman in my vicinity and got to talking the random talk....she wanted to know what I do( she lives in the same locality as I do for the past ten years)...this is regular question now with most women around and they think that I am a home maker ..when she heard that I am a writer and have just finished and published a book she was like-----Good everybody should be busy doing something or the other in life to keep themselves busy ...Lol there  goes all my achievements into the dust..After this demoralizing, demotivating chat , I decided to select people  before talking to them ..or to keep my mouth shut ....what say?

Post -24

Anu's Chatter...

If you guys are wondering about the random blog marathon posts I am also worried comp has been acting recently and I am not able to work when it was corrected my mouse started to act funny..when I scroll down it goes up and when I scroll up vice-versa..what ever somehow I am keeping up with the 'Mara''s thought -----NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up ....I had seen it somewhere and feel now 'maha khush' to write  I feel I should never give up.....

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Blog --22

Anu's Chatter...

Shah Rukh's on my face book account dears and the thought that he posted on the wall today stuck to me like glue...
" Action may not always bring happiness....but there is no happiness without action"So very true it is really really true about my writing at least....

I take my writing seriously....

Anu's  Chatter....

I take my writing seriously guys........whether it is two sentenses or it is ten or a thousnad words I have to write ....I sit on my machine and work at least two to three hours  or more ..some days I write as if I am mad , as if the world will end,as if there will be a calamity as if...... if I don't know what .........but I write becuase I take my writing seriously!

Now that I started with my second book I am busy writing that most of the time when I find time.....I have already completed a script of 255 pages and more to follow as it is reaching a climax this is when the Ad-reline starts to pump...the thought is how to end it and how not the process of all this I need to complete at least one blog per day or my Marathon stops....... the days guys I cannot post one I post two the next day or three so that the days I am out taking my journalism sessions my Marathon should not suffer....

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Blog marathon post---20

Anu"s Chatter....

I tend to think and sometimes think very life the way  it is because we make it or because it was supposed to be? to hold or not to hold or to hang on to dear one or not to? Is it all about what and how you handle life or it should just happen and flow ...sometimes I contemplate all this and cannot come to a sane conclusion....that allusive word called happiness just eludes me....and finally I decide to shut my mind and turn to my only source of happiness called-------WRITING!

Need not figure who you are...

Anu's Chatter... I have read an amazing few sentences from a post by an American wanderlust ....that is going to stay by me.....It is like------
"You need not figure out who you are at 20, 25, or 35 ...or even 45 but need to live by the hour, feel thankful for all the stability and love around you and that is ------life! This I read in the morning when I was contemplating about life big time! Have a happy day!

No Apologies for being me....

Anu's Chatter.....

No apologies dear friends for being who I am......I have learnt to be proud of who I am.......what I wear and what I do ......I see that people around respect more and accept me unconditionally now that I am comfortable being who I am... for example I would look else where , be more apologetic ,if a traditional aunty or an old grandmother / Grandfather chanced me wearing a short dress to  a party or for that matter when the moral policing  in my building( there are many oldies) is the highest in the night some look at me as if I am not supposed to be go out or come home late....I have learnt that -----if I am not doing anything wrong why should I worry ? I have learnt to look them in the eye and say Hi rather to shun them ...and all I get today is a resounding Hi and some  respect! I am proud to be who I am!

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Anu's Chatter...

The year turned so fast that I am again here in the process of selecting my Ganesh for the oncoming Ganesh Puja at my home....It is the most exiting part as I go to one of the artists tent  in my locality , displaying many idols.....( there are lot many tents around ..that add up to the festive spirit) then I select the one idol that is beautiful and tiny and also that comes in my budget....I generally ok the one my daughter selects......which has become  a kind of family tradition that we enjoy immensely....then comes the day we need to collect the idol from the pen dal that is a ritual in itself..........all of us go and get the idol home with a lot of spirit  .....I am looking forward to this year too but ...the bottom line is the year turned very fast! 

The meaning to it all...

Anu's Chatter......

With the songs of Govinda songs going around..I sit around listening to them..cannot move out as today is a holiday and the roads are all crowded to the hilt....I sat here writing my blogs and the  pending assignments but my mind wanders for the most part on the festivities going on and the reverberating noise......there is crowd that has gathered in the street across me and there is a pot that is hanging in the middle of rope That I can clearly see from my window........I am most part at the windows sipping my coffee and getting every inch exited about the gang that would go up creating the human ladder that would finally  take the guy to the top who would finally burst the pot ....I am waiting guys but I cannot but wonder about the meaning of it all...???? I cannot also miss out on the fact that it has brought about a feeling of togetherness...a colorful togetherness!


Anu's Chatter...

Today is Janmashtami friends  all the roads and bylanes are laden with beautiful garlands and decorated with Earthen pots with milk and Butter Milk with songs of Govinda reverberating from most of the nook and corner of Mumbai City........It  a festive feel guys even though most part I feel its a nuisance.......with ..the Loud speakers and other noise but you are pulled into the festive feel in spite of your own volition....and finally a part of it all ....what say?

Comp problems.... ....

Blog 14..

Anu's chatter...

Guys its been  frustrating week as I could not blog not because I did not want to but because of some technical problems with my comp .........the mouse was not working the comp was hung for a long time in spite of the constant trial from me was not functional..finally my hubby dear set it and today I am in the process of posting five blogs catching on the lost time.....Irrespective of what I was doing I was missing on this 'ME TIME' that I had mentioned I am Maha  happy to be back....and to find my Centre again.....

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Blogathon blog---13

Hey I love Me time..

There is no time like me time and do you know what I do during this time? I read and write ..most of the time write and nowadays the best pastime for-- Me Time is ----Watching the pelting rain on the window panes....what do you do ? Please share here..How do you spend time with yourself? And also I would love to know if you really love your own company or you hate it?

Happy Raksha Bandhan


Hey guys last week it was friendships day and today is Raksha Bandhan....last year i had written an amazing blog on the Raksha Bandhan which was much much appreciated .....Hope all of you out there had real fun today ...Take care!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Commando with a Tattoo...

Blog marathon Blog number 11...
Anu’s Chatter....

Today I read an inspirational story of a man who was lost in one of the Mumbai slums in Thane and he went back home after 20 years to his biological the time he was lost he was around  6...I have just finished reading a real life story of Ganesh Dhangde a Mumbai slum dweller who lived to become a commando in the Mumbai Police...all the years he was lost from his mother( his father a construction worker  had died when he was a child) he was taken care of by kind strangers and Mumbai orphanages gave him the education and courage and brought  the best in him and he became an athlete of the state level to be re-united with his family 20 years hence  because of a tattoo of his mother’s name ---Manda Dhangde ingrained on his left  underarm, a tradition in the most Mahar-ashtrian villages...That made me think a lot about my country's culture guys. It is in fact a tradition to inscribe a tattoo I understand .....with the family name on small children..its awesome I feel ...its like an identity card ..Dear friends there have been instances of children lost and found because of  a birth mark  a tattoo after birth on a babies body is  really a wise tradition....Well three cheers to Mumbai and its awesome spirit! 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

World Tigers day...

Blog marathon ---9
Anu's Chatter

World Tigers Day..

Today guys is world Tigers the honor of this majestic animal there was a nationwide campaign and there were painting competitions conducted all over India...this was broadly telecast in our was heartwarming to see that children who participated were from all walks of life .......Bravo tigers ..Live in peace!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Undying Love....of friendship

Anu’s Chatter....
I was not feeling too well yesterday  so I did not go out but just rested in my bed calling  or wishing my friends electronically a 'Happy Friendship Day'..
Two of my  friends from my locality made an exception-----they came over and tied beautiful bands on my hand......that really really moved me..Proclaiming their undying loyalty to the fact that no matter what..they were going to stand by me..
Now that ----I call true friendship...
I am lucky to be blessed by a few such friends who would not think twice before helping me out or stand  by me...

Happy friendship friends--- you matter the  world to me!

Friends are like Hot Chocolate and cold ice-cream

Anu’s chatter....

“Best friends are inseparable, much like some of the classic food combinations that will never go out of style. You know that being with your best friend is like a combination of a hot brownie with ice cream? One is frozen cold but melts because of the heat from the chocolate !They are  inseparable and the taste is unique as it is because of the diametrically opposite combinations of intensity....   Yesterday I enjoyed friendships day to the hilt and I came upon this deadly conclusion friends . What a realization!  ...One aunty from my building wanted to know the significance of such days and if it was not a waste of money and time as otherwise people did not care for one another? All said and  done guys...I feel that----
there is no reason why one should not celebrate such days  specially when the feelings of being loved is the one that  lingers for sometime to come specially when we neither have time to look at people and our lives are so mechanical?? It is  a reason to wish and meet those who matter really! So Happy Friendship's Day friends!?

Happy friendship day..

Happy friendship day.....

Anu’s Chatter..

True friendship is a bond that is worth cherishing, a feeling that is to be preserved lifelong, an experience that is to be lived in its entirety every second. 

It is akin to some of the simplest things in life, like a breathtaking view at the boundless expanse of nature, or like simple, elating good food that you come back to, every day.

It's friendship's day folks and we know that this time as well you have set aside all your prior commitments to spend that special time with your GFFs Or BFF's. On my part I made my friends coerce into believing the idea of  my inseparable friendship! 

Saturday, 2 August 2014

THAT special SOMEONE!!!! blog-5

Anu's Chatter...

Yesterday I was  talking to my friend  about having that special someone in one’s life  and how very important it was to have that one man called your own who is soooo very there through kith and kin ........dreams along and stands by us when we most want ....a guy ---100% understanding and caring.....”In short” she said   
 “I have everything in Amit...he is my lover , he is my friend,he is the father of my children , my pillar of undivided support,  last but not the least my husband.....I cannot live and imagine my life without him! She finished emotionally.....
“Of course” I say...and went on to endorse her thoughts about how I can relate to what she was saying.....and how ditto my situation was...

Much after our convo ----- I went into a thinking mode( that I always do after some kind of daily brain-storming) ...I took into account the number of divorces happening today in  our society compared to  yesteryears.... ..I came upon these on  a marriage working or guys are free to agree or disagree---

1.We have to be similar if we have to stick together --is---- if you are not like me then we cannot live together.....

2.Should be able to change ---is ---if you do not change the way I want of you I don't want you/I will not accept you!
3.Long distance arrangements will not work---if we are traveling for work frequently ---I cannot be loyal to you!
4. I want a all time consuming physical relationship----You should be able to attract me always..or I cannot live with you/ you should have a hourglass figure even after childbirth!
5.Our hobbies should be similar----is---if you read books and write blogs I won’t like it since I am a outdoor person or if you are  watching t.v lying on the bed , you are not intellectual/ you are lazy... 

There could be so many other silly or otherwise  reasons because of which the couples might be can add on your own for a feedback....
Thank you guys for responding to my blogs this is the 5th on the blogathon...

Friday, 1 August 2014

Blog Marathon blog--4

Anu’s Chatter.....

 Did people think... the way I do?

The kind of questions that  bog me nowadays....are how will I cope with aging, when it finally happens? what will happen to me when the day of my death  arrives? Was there life after death? Will I go to some place called as a heaven? Will I ever be able to see my loved ones? All these thoughts really really trouble me sometimes as they are right now...the worst of the lot is---- How much time do I have....? If I do not get enlightenment as Budha did , was my life a waste? Will God punish me for my sins.... since I have not completed the enlightenment process and push me to a menial birth as it is believed in the scriptures?

Was I aging because I was thinking so much, or aging was making me think so much? Or all this was because of the pollution and Global warming? Funny but research shows that the nature that is changing has some adverse effect on peoples thought processes! Why I  never thought about such things in my teens or twenties??????????Do you have the answers guys do you think the way I do? Write back...

Precious time !

Hi guys ..........this is the third in my blog marathon....because I could not post one yesterday I am posting two today!

Anu’s Chatter-----

The time is ticking away all the time......Time is ticking.... that is what exactly I feel each passing day each passing moment ---------this has been like this with me for quite some time now and that also reminds me that ---time is the most precious thing on this earth! That decided---My top priority on the list is to spend as much of time as possible with the most precious people around me  that includes my  mom ........ I haven't been able to spend as much time as I should have  after marriage I decide to do THAT! Especially now that she will turn 72 this is the number ONE on my list ! So that reminds me --that time is precious because I cannot bring it back too!
The other precious littles on my list are -----

Visiting an old friend, reading  a good book, taking a ‘alone walk’ on the Juhu beach,spending time with my husband with my fast growing kid.......

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Giving 100%

Anu's Chatter....

The present generation is a confused least I feel so...the students doing engineering feel that they should have done medicine and the docs feel all the time useless..the lawers feel it is a waste of time educating themselves for---our  'system is so hopeless' and teachers feel they should have been in a better profession and the computer professionals feel that they are sucked by the boring corporate life! .......I was talking to a student  in my journalism class the other day and asked my usual question about his ambition....He said he did not know...what he wanted to do in life! The same answer was given by ten others .They had come into the media by fluke....At the end of it all I was very disillusioned , unhappy and went out asking the question to other students and young professionals ---the answer was always almost the same ....some even said that they were in a wrong professions for the wrong reasons( Money)  or they had so many options that they could not decide etc they took what they they are not happy ..WITHOUT A DOUBT, THE PRESENT GENERATION IS A CONFUSED LOT I DECIDED! After my bitter confusion  I met a P.R professional . This lady had a day job juggled babies and took care of her sick Mom-In-Law and Ma who was bed ridden. Her husband lived abroad ..I had not yet come across someone so laden with problems and someone whom I never considered asking this question.....but after a while into the conversation I just mentioned about the enormity of her situation and sympathized with her ...Do you know what she said?

" What enormity? I never thought I will become a P.R . I was studying to become a lawyer but I got this  job and now I love this like nobody's business! "

I got my answer you want to add something more to it ? I am waiting....

Monday, 28 July 2014

I spotted Rekha!

Anu's Chatter...

Hey I am back! This time I decided to start the blog marathon...This I had started last year ..the idea is to post a blog everyday no matter what! This  is also purely because I have been absent from my blog for sometime and am feeling very guilty. I have been maha- busy writing my next book and social commitments a whole lot of family commitments..whatever reasons I am going to post a post every single day....even if it is one in the night...and as long as possible!. Pray that my commitment stays on....

Here it goes------

I Spotted Rekha

Yesterday I was in Bandra accompanying my daughter to her ballroom  classes...after she resumed with  her class I ventured out in search of some hot beverage...the rains had made this small upscale Mumbai suburb beautiful..the roads were all drenched clean, ribbony and less commuters , gave  it a feel of rest  that can happen only on a Sunday or a holiday ! Life moved at its own pace and me at mine .  There were owners and hired help walking their dogs, mommies and women busily gossiped, while some men must have  come-out , for a stroll and a smoke .The streets on either side were occupied  with florists...I was hit by the beautiful scent of chrysanthemums and Roses  . I continued enjoying my ‘Me Time’ striding towards my coffee shop. 'It all has a slight European touch with a Indian feel'... I mused !  After an hour, I walked back, soaking in the rich sights and sounds again. This time a bit closer to the florists examining and admiring  the delicate colors. I saw  a red Merc stop by.....I passed  it and stopped short and took a couple of steps back, cause I was just compelled to!
A simple face with a red lip-color perfectly  matching the vehicle she occupied, hit my senses. Was she or was she not?She  was buying a bunch of chrysanthemums, looking not a day older than 27 or 28. I stood there speechless as I came face to face with  'The Phenomenal Rekha......Yes 60 something  ..Bhanu Rekha ..the famous Bollywood yesteryears heartthrob and superstar buying flowers just like that, off the streets,  in front of me on a lazy Sunday afternoon ??!!. It was a  treat to watch and magic to experience! No, I did not say hi , go to her or disturb her,   however much I wanted to because I was grounded and wanted to soak all in ! I carried  the feelings rather in my heart for somedays to come, of that magical moment , that included mentioning her to everyone I met in the coming days!  

Did Rekha inspire me?-----Come to think of it-----I have hyped my Yoga a bit more everyday , apply extra moisturizer and cannot stop looking into the mirror every time I pass it and cannot stop comparing my age and the reflection I have!!  What do you think? Did Rekha influence me?

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Anu's Chatter

“I get great pleasure from writing, but not always, or even usually. Writing a novel is largely an exercise in psychological discipline – trying to balance your project on your chin while negotiating a minefield of depression and freak-out. Beginning is daunting; being in the middle makes you feel like Sisyphus; ending sometimes comes with the disappointment that this finite collection of words is all that remains of your infinitely rich idea. Along the way, there are the pitfalls of self-disgust, boredom, disorientation and a lingering sense of inadequacy, occasionally alternating with episodes of hysterical self-congratulation as you fleetingly believe you've nailed that particular sentence and are surely destined to join the ranks of the immortals, only to be confronted the next morning with an appalling farrago of clich├ęs that no sane human could read without vomiting. But when you're in the zone, spinning words like plates, there's a deep sense of satisfaction and, yes, enjoyment…”

I read this online as a view expressed by one of the fellow writers . I  cannot but agree to what this gentle man had to say. The most important is the deep sense of satisfaction that I agree the most with ! When someone reads what you have written and gets back to you with a sense of appreciation , your day is made...Today in my journalism class I taught about the entire process of communication ...that involves a befitting feedback without which it is  considered incomplete.....Here , I would like to consider a deep sense of satisfaction as a real  feedback for a writer and the actual feedback  as the satisfaction of writing...
What ever--- sometimes its difficult to express certain things even when you are a  writer! What say?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Right Step

Anu's Chatter....

“Sometimes a step in the right direction may begin with a thousand steps in the wrong...”

I read this somewhere and felt empowered as I am a great fan of self discovery.  I Honestly believe that it is never, never too late to embark on such a journey.As it  takes a very small leap towards the direction required.
Taking the thought ahead--- --- during my writing sessions, I need to really, really  delve into myself, to create a character an incident or even a small blog like this. while doing that,I am also going through a sea of emotions and feelings, sometimes hard , sometimes soft but all  closest to my heart.The whole point is I might discover a hidden emotion that had never been dealt with or a relationship that has not been worked on and is finding an expression while penned.The creation could be fictional but the emotions are real.
Its like the deep sea diving. You don't know what you will find till you are in.This step to self discovery, of self healing, a life less than ordinary ( call it whatever you want )I took a few years back never to regret!

The other day I met a woman in my neighborhood (who had shifted newly...) she wanted to know what I do? I said I am a writer......Then a series of questions followed..After sometime, I simply told her to check online .By the by this female was a much bored housewife. She for sure has never embarked on a journey unto herself....or she is too lethargic to go there . There are so many such examples, much more boring than the people themselves ofcourse! 

Coming back to the topic friends, I cannot help but look at them around and wonder sometimes as to why they cannot put their time to  good use ? Even if they start investing a 50 % of their energies in the right direction (instead of whiling it away in gossiping, lazing around or complaining,)  their lives could be worth a while!

 It is never too late to start!

Monday, 6 January 2014


Anu’s Chatter--


Friends recently I visited this city for a family vacation...was I surprised? I was shocked ...the first thought was was so much like Mumbai...crowded and dirty..even  people seemed to be poor...the buildings looked old and brazen...there were tuk tuks everywhere (a different kind of a rickshaw like the one we see back home...its actually an open auto....) The traffic was jam packed and people just seemed to crawl around in their small dirty vehicles......
I was immediately I did not for a minute feel ‘the high’ of entering  a foreign country,like I usually feel when I step abroad.Surprise of surprises,I noticed how Bangkok looked similar to Mumbai too. A silent cry escaped meimmediately---Oh ‘God’ Why did I come to another India?

At the first look Bangkok appeared akin  to India but it was a city on its own( I realized....only in a few hours I was there)  with its own speed and tempo....The overcrowded streets with tuk tuks, cars, trucks, foreigners( specifically Europeans who visit for reasons best known  to the world here)...women in shortest of the shorts or negligible dresses( no they don't get raped in the streets and men do not have an eye on them all the time like some Indian men here do ) It is also one reason that I have added Bangkok to the list of my favorite cities of the world.All the  brownie points to the people of Bangkok who worship women and I take my words back...
Besides  this place is the haven of massage parlors with glamourous masseurs...(the makeup on the face of one  masseur will be enough for at least twenty Mumbai women going for a party) Its  a lucrative business out here much so that some femininely inclined men even had a sex change to make big bucks!( now you know all the more when I said---- Thai people respect women?) These lady boys (a boy turned into a lady) work in the costume shows and massage parlors, heavily decked up in ‘sizzling skimpy clothes’ with heavy make-up! During the day the under shades of glamour are not so visible but by nightfall Bangkok changes into unrecognizable proportions. The narrow streets come alive , so do the roads with dazzling advertisements and lamps, the small and big eateries by the small and big lanes dish every cuisine in the world; while the pubs play latest english numbers and the tourists are ‘Maha busy’ admiring the thin thai companions and (s#$@%&**&) partners all rolled into one (they might have picked from the city street corners ) in the heavily smoke emanating, music pulsating, drink flowing bars skirting the roads.Life seems to breath into every nerve of Bangkok by nightfall.

On my part --- I shopped till I dropped , got thai massage done from wonderful sincere thai women( No,I would not have minded a lady boy ah ah..!)---WONDERFUL!  Ate delicious tropical fruits and Thai food--DELICIOUS! Took lovely Tuk Tuk rides...LOVELY.Wore shortest of the clothes and tasted freedom like  never before! FREEEEEDOM!

In the crazy midst of shops, lights,traffic, massage parlors,painted faces, smiling prostitutes and mad mad night life I did notice that there was NO--- littering , no massive breaking of traffic rules, no looking down upon women , no fear , no slavery,no subjugation, no dearth of smiling faces, no dearth of money,no dearth of ah... Make-up!
The bottom most thought----
Is Bangkok like Mumbai? NO,NO,No,NOOOOOO...NEVER!