Thursday, 3 July 2014


Anu's Chatter

“I get great pleasure from writing, but not always, or even usually. Writing a novel is largely an exercise in psychological discipline – trying to balance your project on your chin while negotiating a minefield of depression and freak-out. Beginning is daunting; being in the middle makes you feel like Sisyphus; ending sometimes comes with the disappointment that this finite collection of words is all that remains of your infinitely rich idea. Along the way, there are the pitfalls of self-disgust, boredom, disorientation and a lingering sense of inadequacy, occasionally alternating with episodes of hysterical self-congratulation as you fleetingly believe you've nailed that particular sentence and are surely destined to join the ranks of the immortals, only to be confronted the next morning with an appalling farrago of clichés that no sane human could read without vomiting. But when you're in the zone, spinning words like plates, there's a deep sense of satisfaction and, yes, enjoyment…”

I read this online as a view expressed by one of the fellow writers . I  cannot but agree to what this gentle man had to say. The most important is the deep sense of satisfaction that I agree the most with ! When someone reads what you have written and gets back to you with a sense of appreciation , your day is made...Today in my journalism class I taught about the entire process of communication ...that involves a befitting feedback without which it is  considered incomplete.....Here , I would like to consider a deep sense of satisfaction as a real  feedback for a writer and the actual feedback  as the satisfaction of writing...
What ever--- sometimes its difficult to express certain things even when you are a  writer! What say?

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