Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Dog is the reflection ...of its Master

A Dog is the Reflection of its Master

A dog is the reflection of its master…
This was an interesting piece of research I came across in papers recently .It points out that a master chooses a pooch according to his own mentality such as the emotional state, mental makeup, etc. In short the demonour  as well as the looks of a pooch all point that, it is the reflection of its master….
As Human mind works…. geared with this piece of information….. I started looking at the masters (before my concentration was always on the dog which might jump on to me)
Let’s take a look……hummm….. one of my neighbors possesses a rare hunting dog. The dogs  is -ferocious but when attacked hides behind the master. The breed is rare with a short tail that the hunting dogs have with no furs (mane). We have a celebrity living in our building who is- Mr R. Madhavan . He owns two dogs…one is an Alsatian and the other a Chinese chow- chow. Very rare combination indeed!
I wasted no time finding analogies between the masters and the dog’s .I concluded that my neighbor was indeed ferocious. She in the rarest of fashions argues with the servants postmen courier, cable wallah and to top it she has the quality to ‘spook around in other peoples affairs’…..sniff into gossip…but hide even at the smell of a fight with the neighbors( Like her Dog). On the positive - she is very loyal and forthright to her friends not to speak of the hassle free but colorless life that she leads akin to the featherless dog that she owns.
On the other hand the two dogs of my celebrity friend reveal his aggressive side and the creative side to me. The Alsatian might reflect the singularly goal oriented nature of his master while the Chinese cow chow named ‘Simba’( which is a rare name again) speaks about the unusual creative side to our good looking hunk. Chinese chow- chow also symbolizes the lazy nature that the master might possess along with the carefree attitude that he may have. After this amazing find….I wanted to find my types.  I went through the portals exhibiting every dog breed with pictures and info. I looked and looked and finally dears, zeroed on - two breeds- Labrador  and the Golden retriever.  No marks for guessing my qualities …as the dogs reveal all!
Till the next churn…… dears …

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

By – Dr Anuradha Prasad

 While the rain played a lilting music on my window panes……adventure beckoned my free spirit! To give it a much defined experience I wanted to go to the hills….. to touch the clouds  while I walked, taste the fresh rain drops  while I  trekked, to feel the cold breeze in my  hair……..  And to simply soak and get wet! For that experience, I wasted no time planning for a wonderful weekend getaway to the nearby hills and I zeroed in on Panchagani a small but pristine hill station encased between five mountains in the Krishna valley.


Tucked away in the Satara district of Maharashtra, Panchgani is a well-known hill station of Maharashtra on the highway to Mahabaleshwar from Pune. It derives its name from the five hills around it. Panch  –five, Gan-Mountains.
 As it is aptly named after the five hills in the lap of which it is located Panchgani is a major hill station in India that draws in thousands of visitors every year. Apart from it the pleasant climate and untouched natural beauty, contribute to the feelings of pure ‘nature experience’ to the visitors. Besides Panchagani is properly connected with all modes of transport, thereby making is easily accessible. At an altitude of 1,334m, it is just 38m below Mahabaleshwar. These 38m translate themselves into a breathtaking 18-km approach, offering heart-stopping views of the River Krishna on one side while the coastal plains on the other. It is far from the noise of Pune , endless hustle-bustle and pollution of Mumbai metropolis. It is the first hill town one reaches from Mahabaleshwar on the Pune road.
What you can do there…….
While in Panchgani, you can visit various beautiful places. If one wants to be on his own he can be or there are several tours operating in the vicinity for sightseeing. Mostly I explored its natural beauty and some of the places I visited were.
 Mapro Garden
  • Table Land
  • Parsi Point
  • Sydney Point
  • Devil’s kitchen
  • Malas restaurant and gardens
Apart from this I also tried my hand in adventure sports like Para-gliding horse riding, go carting  or just chilling ( so very rare to a city life) .On other times  I went for long nature walks  ( While I wrote mental poetry) through the woods  thickly canopied by lush trees and vegetation while it drizzled. The view of river Krishna is breath taking as it snakes though tiny hamlets, farms and ravines, hundreds of meters below the mountains. I also visited a place in the mountains called as table land (a flat mountain peak) and feasted my eyes on the coastal plains, looking like miniature watercolors.

The Buys-

Shopping is also a major activity, in this small hill town. What really strikes you is the market’s plush with fresh fruit and fruit preparations not to speak about the juice corners that churn freshest quality strawberry, raspberry, cranberry (Or any kind of Berry you have heard or unheard of) juices, milk shakes, fruit crush sand ice-cream preparations which are so very rare to Mumbaikars, because of the fresh quality to them. Needless to say my backpack overflowed with, some of the major buys from the shops like fruit juices and mock- tails, candies, Mapro's  – Strawberry or Litchi Crush, Jam, and honey. To note- Madhusagar Honey, Channa, Kholapuri Chappals and Mala’s Jam are  the buy  from the shops.

The Face Tells it All!
 At one of the places I visited in Panchagani a young man sporting a tika looking intently into my eyes started speaking! First I was aghast at his audacity as he started to describe my each feature with expert confidence and then suddenly….. Woken up from my drunken nature watch state I realized that he was not a loafer but an expertly confident face reader!  Presto I realized I had the   luxury of a future teller at my disposal at the most unexpected places. Vow! Natures walk with a face reader? Looked good!  I wasted no time in asking all that I wanted to about my future, nodded in agreement as each prediction seemed convincing. After a while curiosity took the better of me and could not help asking the young fellow about this unusual professional choice.
 He said his name was Rohit and he studied for five years at the Shiridi School of ‘Face Reading’ which is known by the name of Sai Dham Ashram. On further probe he revealed some of the tricks of his trade. According to Rohit (the Face Reader) every face is judged on the number of angles it has. Each angle signifies a characteristic. For example sharp eyes signify alertness…..wide forehead wisdom etc. In the face readers language these angles are called as carats. Not the ones that we eat, but like the metal gold, that is judged on its purity because, it is of 22 carats or 18 carats… so on so forth.  A regular face has 27 carats.  According to Rohit the art of face reading was a boon from his Guru .He boosts of hundred percent accurate predictions. However prediction for the same person might change if the facial angles change too! 
Interesting indeed! I was absolutely thrilled and made a few phone calls to friends and near ones to relate about my amazing experiences in this wonderful hill town. On the hindsight I wondered why I had never taken a chance to visit such an ethereal location …..Though it was so very near to my home town. Apart from the above experiences I spent a good amount of time bird watching and found ….fleets of them flying in the natural geometrical designs… towards sunset or just lazing in the shades  after lunch…..like I mostly did! Indeed I was reminded of the famous   proverb – ‘the birds of a similar feather flock together!’  As I packed my bags to go home…. to gather with my own clan (similar feathers) I mused that my experience was nothing better than mediation in its purest form ! Till my next venture into the hills I will carry it in my heart with adventure!

Me Says....

The other day I called one of my past colleague and we started animatedly talking! She was all complaints 'bout' the work.. I was like... you really loved your job ... what happened now... actually she was going on bikkering about ....How difficult it was nowadays to commute ....Blah Blah... it is impossible to reach on time...  either by road or  by the Mumbai lifeline( Trains)..'You are talking bout the traffic I guess... not  work? " "That is what I was complaining about all the while dumbo" she rejoined ....Gowd.....We have our  infamous locals....Buses or what have you !The population on the road... You can blame it....of course....of course... it sucks your energy...Gowd...or a complaining friend for that matter!

I met this  skimpily clad 'Madam' in a party ...who came up to me .....and wanted to know from where I had picked my mangalshutra.....I was like- you never wear one so... why bother? "Oh really not.... but depends on my mood... so what say.....from where do you pick your jewellery from ?"Was the next one. What the hell..... I was like... "Where did you pick your dress from?"Gowd it never ends.......from Where...?

At the verge of boredom..... I met a friend of mine who had migrated to Singapore ( In the same party)for professional reasons.... "In India  professional life is not so good  you know...I was like  India markets are  looking up compared to the world in general......She had ( this friend from Singapore) coloured her hair .....I actually took sometime to figure out who she was....."you know out there they really respect foreigners"...Gowd....  People become despo..... for a little attention !!?... She was looking simply  garish in her redhish hair! Gowwd yawn... yawn... yawn...What a life...oops!What a party!!! Humanity somtimes makes me laugh...Gowd.....

See you friends till the next churning happens....

Friday, 2 September 2011

Hey! todays card for the day is-
Aristocracy- Do you know what that means? It means in simple words you are bored with your life and want new evenues or adventures to spice it up! However on the brighter side you could get  news about a pending check or some kind of property gain......The news can be quite exiting or puzzling. Do not sign any papers without reading the details.You could have a very lazy day!Happy Ganesh Month!