Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Right Step

Anu's Chatter....

“Sometimes a step in the right direction may begin with a thousand steps in the wrong...”

I read this somewhere and felt empowered as I am a great fan of self discovery.  I Honestly believe that it is never, never too late to embark on such a journey.As it  takes a very small leap towards the direction required.
Taking the thought ahead--- --- during my writing sessions, I need to really, really  delve into myself, to create a character an incident or even a small blog like this. while doing that,I am also going through a sea of emotions and feelings, sometimes hard , sometimes soft but all  closest to my heart.The whole point is I might discover a hidden emotion that had never been dealt with or a relationship that has not been worked on and is finding an expression while penned.The creation could be fictional but the emotions are real.
Its like the deep sea diving. You don't know what you will find till you are in.This step to self discovery, of self healing, a life less than ordinary ( call it whatever you want )I took a few years back never to regret!

The other day I met a woman in my neighborhood (who had shifted newly...) she wanted to know what I do? I said I am a writer......Then a series of questions followed..After sometime, I simply told her to check online .By the by this female was a much bored housewife. She for sure has never embarked on a journey unto herself....or she is too lethargic to go there . There are so many such examples, much more boring than the people themselves ofcourse! 

Coming back to the topic friends, I cannot help but look at them around and wonder sometimes as to why they cannot put their time to  good use ? Even if they start investing a 50 % of their energies in the right direction (instead of whiling it away in gossiping, lazing around or complaining,)  their lives could be worth a while!

 It is never too late to start!