Friday, 29 August 2014


Anu's Chatter....

I have been maha busy guys following a ritual that I am keeping now for years....I love it! This year also I was at the pendal to collect my perfect bundle ...Ganesha..

Amidst all this keeping up with the Blogathon was a real challenge...any ways bringing Ganesha home brings in a lot of happiness ..personal happiness! Somehow the whole atmosphere at home changes...the flowers, and the agarbattis set the mood starting at the pen dal  where I collect him...when I went there..

The old artisan of the pen dal was  in a more festive mood...he announced that he was no more an artisan..he was equal ant to the lord on my hands ready to come home....

"So?" I ask.

" You have to give me some dakshina madam."

" Yes I know but let me first see my lord."

He obliged in his toothless smile.

The lord looked perfect laden with the white and other colored stones as his jewelry, as requested by me.

" I am happy he looks so for your dakshina I say"handing him over, a 50 and a one rupee note.

He says "Thank you."his toothless words.

I respond--"Ganpati bappa morya."

He joins.."Pudche varshi loukari ya."

These are mahar ashtrian words guys ......please find the meaning and you will feel as happy as I am feeling now!

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