Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Anu's Chatter....

According to a survey finding the right partner is the most difficult thing in this world.....this survey was conducted by the most sought after marriage cite  in . After I chanced on this survey ...... I went on Google (Google is God) and searched for the average age for marriage of a working Indian girl and came off with some surprising facts actually...... 

1) Indian working women do not want to get married.

2) Most of the working women in India are unmarried and above thirty.

Now the most important fact...they are getting good grooms but they do not want to take responsibility.....or they are divorced by thirty as they did not find their partners up to the mark!
As for me I thanked my lucky stars for being  married and finding  my husband ....I do not want any changes and yes I love responsibility!  

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