Monday, 30 July 2012

Cleaning...your home...NO finger prints please!

I watched my mom closely as she cleaned was like Vidya Balan cleaning everything that she touched in is just a habit my mom retorted as I looked at her critically...a major arthritis patient and suffering from constant bouts of  Osteoporosis she has a cleaning madness! Then comes my sister back from work..I find her cleaning the cleaned bathrooms and toilets again arranging and re-arranging the house that her mom-in-law did earlier in the day shouting out to her child about how messy her room was...oh  these women I think.. are mad really ...then back in Mumbai from my adventure trips (these are my regular trips to my dear kith and kin)I went to my friend who was not keeping too well while coming back from work...I found her fretting over the dirty fan above her bed....'Oh it looks dirty I had no time to clean it now that I am lying on the bed it is visible to me'... sigh....sigh..."Even in your sickness you can think of the fan?" I complain Oh God...  women!

I come back home and the next day  was  a holiday......I take Mr Muscle toilet cleaner, Mr Muscle furniture kitchen and tile cleaner and am at it!......I had also called the pest control fellow barraging him that I am finding one small cockroach almost two days even after his pest control........the pest control-wala gives me a lecture as to how the medicines work for the insects.."The insects 'Madam' are actually attracted to the medicine come out eat and die so you can see the cockroaches in your kitchen otherwise they are hidden....that means you do not have many but one or two here and there that also they might be visiting your kitchen  from the flat below you"....
"Good, good" I say "but I do not want to see any in my house".....In the meantime I clean the house spick and span and finish arranging things after the pest fellow signs off ........ satisfied. My kid comes home as usual she is high in energy ...I go to the kitchen to serve her lunch after which I start cleaning the slab again....'Oh mom an interesting piece of research says that -'women have a fetish for cleaning their homes'..I give her a look.  'Yes this they have got from the Stone Age days .....she persists ...'What?' I exclaim...' Yes like you have a problem here you are always cleaning'.....'Oh! Oh! I am not' I protest!

 Important lesson 'when you are pointing one finger at others three are pointed at you' I am no different...I accept! So Vidya( Balan Of Course) nothing unusual shown in the movie! 

Monday, 23 July 2012

Satyameva Jayate!

This program guys is really taking the country by storm.......when it started I was a little skeptical about it... I even felt Amir was a little frigid in conducting it.....but as the program  progressed  the positive side to it  took the chunk.....unlike the other programs that always make money by creating a hype from the negative  news.... Amir did different! 
 He proved to us that  a positive change was round the corner ,  if the issues are TAPPED POSITIVELY ... 
 take the simple example of the latest episode---that dealt  with the water problems in our remote  villages......the solution give was so simple and easy ----to store  rain water for the future.....the process explained was also so simple that I ended up giving a lecture to my maid servant who lives in  a nearby slum and always complains about how hard she has to work everyday to fill water .......I simply lectured her Amir Khan style ---how to save rain water in huge tubs Bla bla ,clean, save and use. 

What I also like is ---- Amir lamely does not give advises ! Besides,the best part of the program.....  is  that- the examples of the people who have made it possible are always cited.The story of one such Village in Orissa was inspirational guys. In the times when  farmers are committing suicide by dozens Amir ..... has connected them  to the simple methods of existence  and to life! 

Now I know people ....what to do if we want water in Mumbai? You have to simply pull a bucket and place it  under an overflowing roof ? Only in the rainy season guys! Jokes apart Amir Khan and Staya Meva rock ..... this program  I am glued to  every Sundays without fail and mind you as long as it lasts nobody can distract me. 
Sadly,I hear it is going to end next week! Sad Sad...! But  that  is Amir khan for you....take him or leave him...
 I must mention  That the  episode on OLD AGE too  rocked guys. Now I  also know  what to do when I grow old....? Simple according to  Mr Khan every old person has to take up a cause fight passionately.
...and if one is  too Old then?   I don't know. I might get a solution in the next series!? Maybe!
Ok guys .....On that note ... be positive live your best life.....till my next mill! And, and, as  a last note Indians have matured I must say, to accept such a  truthful program on National Television! Bharat Mata ki Jai,,SATYAMEVA JAYATE!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

I am a big fitness fan more than fitness I am more of a figure might be true for most because the people like me who are experimenting with food and with themselves and how their figure looks are very common  today ....The other day I was avidly reading some article by Rujuta Davekar( hope the spelling is correct) the reason for Kareena's Size zero figure after which.....I was concentrating on my digestive juices...She says eat whatever you want to but the quantity must be decided by you..and don't concentrate on the food but on your digestive juices...what does it mean a days I am not feeling very hungry does that mean I should not be eating.....and according to one fitness site that says 'Please eat small mouthfuls and with your mouth closed otherwise air will  enter your system and you will look fat and I am confused asks me to eat whatever I want by concentrating on my juices and the other asks me to eat little morsels concentrating on my mouth so that I do not gulp air in? Oh God I..  let the fitness go for a toss... I decided in the end to  eat and forget about how I looked  and  not to take chances with my health was my final philosophy. Surprise,surprise.... after eating for a month to my hearts content I didn't put an ounce of weight so better make merry and eat ....what say  take care guys till my next meal....sorry next churn.... yawn ...G Night!

A Super Star... No More.....
I was never a great Rajesh khanna fan...but as the news about his passing away came about and  percolated into my consciousness much after the afternoon he breathed his last I switched on the T.V to follow  the news......... the mega- euphoria of the yesteryears... the songs from his films were playing on all the channels and the mad fans were crying at  Ashirwad ( His Home)to have a glimpse of the remains of one of the Bollywood’s all time greatest  SuperStars(a tag which was invented and created solely for him)... ....I was slowly pulled into the madness  ....... AND realised..With Kaka’s death.... another of the superstars came and went taking along a chunk of the Super Stardust....this man ruled the Hindi Cinema for ten years.....and his charisma was pulling the crowds  in lakhs..that was the power  of Kaka!( His fans lovingly called him as) A man who saw it all...been there... led a sedentary life ...  lost in himself as he lost his family and fans so we thought  it was heartening to see them back on his death of course ! A reminder that he was never forgotten in  the first place!....I on my part , for the first time saw his chiseled features  in Aradhana ..and of course as numerous of his fans will agree palpitatingly  Kaka did a  Roop tera Mastana ....and girls swooned from multiple orgasms of mixed euphoria and feelings of unknown romantic visualizations in those days...  ...and Amar prem brought a different orgasmic sadness of love rare in todays  young Superstars! Now I am mad for this man who brought the nostalgia alive in me that might have been ......if not while living but through death!   A great star fell and never  rose ... but on the hind sight ...... he will be always remembered for the Rajesh Khanna... he was!  His power lives on...!THANK YOU KAKA FOR BEING U!