Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Burning Shepphires--A Review

Anu’s Chatter---

Review of the book --Burning Shepphires
Author--Suresh k. Goswami.
Total pages--259
Genre---Creative Fiction
Partridge Publications

Burning Sapphires” is a creative fiction about one  woman called as Ghulab Sahib who despite all the odds in life takes on the responsibility and leads the entire community towards a progressive solution and revives the injured spirits and minds of Kashmiris. Reads the intro ....

Dear friends this is my first written review of any book...Honestly , when I first started reading it only after  a couple of pages into it (on encountering the details on the heights and kilometers) I thought to myself  ‘Oh God , another research in the name of fiction!But I chugged along...., the whole drama unfolded in front of my eyes slowly and I saw the hidden poet in me surface after each passing page.The language is good; at places it needed further  editing though .I finished reading the book within two days.It runs very fast in spite of the detailing .I must say the book stands up to its proclamation of a --‘creative fiction’ in the end. It would be unfair if I do not mention some poetic pictorial expressions from it---

= ‘deep blue in color and aqua clear, 
= they drank tons to the depths of their souls,
= she felt all warmth and life leaving her as sadness started settling in, gradually encroaching upon her spirit,
 = getting into an intoxicated sleep, Khalid lifted his head and told her, “Ghulab, you are going to be my queen .

Apart from the above, there are some I could not relate to;that really, really needed further work--for more emotion...and effect---ah ah

-There lay, wrapped up in a shawl and stained with blood, a beautiful young girl. 
-As they walked through the city and through the endless rows of beautiful trees, she felt the embrace of her Father. 
-expressed his guilt admitting the failure of his regime.

Overall I would say that it was a good read..On the flip side,it needed further editing...I must also add here that the cover is a total mismatch to the book..I mean a very unimaginative one.I wondered all along about the glamorous girl on it ( besides admiring her beautiful skin..we women are always beauty conscious Chuckle.... chuckle) with lightening emanating from her....uh uh on her ...Umm...Umm from her ...Oh Whatever!---she doesnot matchup to the simple,beautiful yet brave Ghulab in the book.
Uh... Uh umm...umm till my next chuckle sorry Churn...

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Big Bucks

Anu’s Chatter....

I came across this shocking piece of news on google....thought of sharing with you people...please leave your valuable  comments...after reading it...

The World Cup tournament is expected to attract 600,000 foreign visitors to Brazil and they will spend an estimated 25 billion reais while traveling in the country, said the Brazilian tourism board, Embratur.
The championship as a whole could inject 113 billion reais into the Brazilian economy by 2014, FIFA has said, citing an Ernst & Young report.
For its part, Brazil's government will have spent 33 billion reais on stadiums, transport and other infrastructure by the time the tournament kicks off, plus $10 million on advertising.
In contrast, very little is being spent on fighting the sexual exploitation of minors, campaigners say.
Despite more than a decade of government vows to eradicate child prostitution, the number of child sex workers in Brazil stood at around half a million in 2012, according to the National Forum for the Prevention of Child Labor, a network of non-profit groups.
That's a big increase since 2001, when 100,000 children worked in the sex trade, according to UNICEF estimates.
The Human Rights Secretariat earmarked 8 million reais for World Cup host cities to set up projects to fight child prostitution, but not all cities had programs in place to absorb the funds, said Santos.
Santos' department is finishing a review of child prostitution in key locations and will then decide what action to take. But any programs will only scratch the surface.
"We realize we're only touching the tip of the iceberg with these actions for the World Cup, but we hope to build capacity and implement longer-lasting programs in the future," he said.
Beyond the Human Rights Secretariat, the government could not provide data on total spending to fight child prostitution. But campaigners say some programs have been shut down and they argue the government isn't doing enough to address the problem.
"This subject isn't really part of the government's agenda and we don't see a willingness to combine efforts or increase resources to address the sexual exploitation of children," said Denise Cesario, executive manager of Fundação Abrinq, a local partner of Save the Children International.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Anu’s Chatter....

Two days back TOI reported of  eight rape cases in the city that took place,in the last eight months.All the rape victims were minors. Shocked beyond belief  is a lesser expression for me .....On one hand we are giving capital punishments for rapists( Delhi Nirbhaya case) but on the other, there are more rapes happening everywhere in the country (including our  city). What is happening here? I thought only animals( As people) lived in the far off corners of the world where, there is no education or culture...Am I proud to be an Indian?What  advise of caution can I give a girl child before  she ventures out in my city? 
One of my friends had implored me to write on the topic of  protective measures for women in Mumbai.Sorry! Nothing comes to my mind right now! 
Rape defies all parameters of ------respect  for  boundaries, normal thinking or for that matter a definition of a man .  The rapes of innocent minor girls is so ,so defamatory that it is beyond any tag..that I can even think exists in a normal  dictionary .Were Indian men always like this or we are getting to know about these Vulturous animals  now that women are venturing out or getting bolder enough to report them? At least  my concept of  ‘Indian ness’ has taken a beating guys ...Even in my wildest imagination ( Including that I put myself in the rapists position), cannot understand why someone should rape somebody?Wether it is consensual  or not .At the most I can think of is---- All rapists are sick people trying to express some kind of gender  supremacy( or any kind of sick supremacy I cannot fathom there ).I cannot even tag rapists as  animals.Animal Sex life is seasonal and for procreation. But a  rapists sex  is---- neither  seasonal, procreational or even pleasurable ? So why does he do it? The closest reason I can conclude is-----'Rape is a  sick expression of self denial, low self esteem, mental instability erupting from dark experiences of life that he might have failed to overcome with time.' 

Do you want to add something more to  the topic?  Please feel free to leave your comments.......

Friday, 22 November 2013


Anu’s chatter....

I simply Love heaven...

That’s the Dog in BIg Boss house -----season 7...its adorable....I am a big fan of Heaven...its a beautiful Golden retriever ..(I had written a blog on the pet prototypes and mine was labrador or a golden retriever..?) I love is so golden, furry , large  and always smiling.  It loves people, is sociable, always barges into some discussions and puts its nose everywhere as if to give its opinions.... it seems to know what is going on...with everyone around!It actively participates in the activities of the house ...... it hardly speaks through its eyes.

Yesterday ..heaven was given a task...... to be a witness to each contestants unburdening!.. As the contestants were  speaking to it in was just so adorably quite, listening with its huge tongue out or just moving its head just sitting on his hinges....When Kamya cried heaven looked into her eyes, blinking sometimes nodding its cute head as if to say  “Don't cry sweetie,I know what you are going through!” God! Its adorable...After a while it just sat there closing its eyes quietly doing nothing. Maybe he was bored. The expression on its face said it all!It was so ,so very amusing for me that I was simply laughing.....Heaven made the task so adorable! As Humans we need to learn valuable lessons from it. What say?

Heaven is everywhere in the house ...accompanies the contestants into the storerooms, bathrooms,toilets ,and  when it’s not allowed in, it just slumps at the door , with its cute nose smelling the insides through the cracks in the door ...Like a true loyal friend! God it is so cute !I wait for instructions everyday  like ---- Heaven  ko Bachane ke liye-----Type karein HEA aur bhej dein 56882 par.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Anita Advani’s sad story......

Anu’s Chatter....

Today dear friends I came across the Interview of Ms Anita Advaniin Times. (she was the live in girl friend of yesteryears super star..Mr Rajesh Khanna...)She was also recently evicted from the Big Boss house.
 The reason why I am mentioning her  is I feel deeply sorry for this woman. She said she was living in with Mr khanna for the past 20 or so years before his death. Now she is as we all know ( and for those who do not) that she is fighting a legal battle with Mr Akshay kumar and Dimple Kapadia for Mr Khanna’s property.

Its popularly known that Mr khanna was very sick ,on heavy medication and had terrible mood swings in his last years that Mr Akshay kumar and Dimple took advantage of. Ms Advani was not allowed even anywhere near his body after his death. She was publicly humiliated to leave the truck carrying him for his last rites. This is needless to say is a very painful insult for the lady .She is living with it ‘day in and day out.’

All said and done I could not understand  why the lady was not intelligent to understand the superstars nature?  Mr Rajesh estranged ( FROM HIS FAMILY)Khanna gave a damn to his family when they were with him. If the sources are to be believed, he was extremely selfish and self centered in his hay days , that drove Dimple out of their marital home. He cared a damn about his young brides ( Dimpi was 15 years younger to him) needs. It is also clear from his will ,(he left everything to his daughters and not to his better half or this lady in question) that he had used them totally.

 In all the 20 odd years he lived in with Anita , the so called boyfriend did not bother to give this lady anything ( cash or Kind)? Could not she even once understand his selfish nature ?Or was she so blind and besotted  that she could not see what was happening to her?No one knows , why women try and behave like 'Devis' and worship men they fall for and cry later ? I had liked her in Big Boss. She did not cash on her story ( with Mr Khanna)either in the house for public sympathy. Anyways ,some people are just not born cunning....or is it true love...Nobody knows !


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Matters of the heart

Anu’s Chatter....
Matters of the heart

In the healthy heart month ...... I am inspired to share some facts about this beautiful organ ----
Apart from occupying the most profound space in our body( being in the centre of it)this little organ  occupies the centre of our emotions, feelings , the very energy reason for our existence ,the  nucleus of human relations and of Love! If I ponder, there are a hundred other  smaller things like our little heart , in this universe , that  perform  biggest  of tasks.
For Example----
A banyan,tree that gives shade to thousands, has  the smallest of fruits .Obviously nature has seen to it that , whoever respites for shade under it , is saved of accidents.
A small creeper can dish out huge pumpkins that we relish so much.(By the way pumpkins are one of the heart friendly vegetables!) and nobody sleeps under the creeper so we are saved! 
On the other hand a huge elephant is thankfully a harmless vegetarian. Thank God!
If we sum up nature ,we will undoubtedly find hundreds of such examples,teaching us life lessons with paradoxical  existence.But we forget them , either because we do not have time or think of them as less significant and small. But dear friends, if the little heart is forgotten, we wont be alive to enjoy these very  small pleasures!
 Comming back to the heart of the topic, you will be surprised that the organ that is capable of churning the softest of the  feelings is the hardest-working muscle  of our body . ‘The Heart’ pumps out 2 ounces of blood at every heartbeat, adding up to at least 2,500 gallons daily. The heart has the ability to beat over 3 billion times in a person's life.
Thats why-in the month of the heart I wanted to give a small tribute to it by sharing my heart healthy secrets, with my readers. A few years back,I made these small changes and I am sure they will work for your heart’s health  too .
My Baby Small Steps --

  1. Exercise---A basic exercise like brisk walking for ten to twenty minutes to begin with daily, makes blood rush into different parts of our bodies, spurting the pumping skills of the  heart a little more and removing the blockages if any. The simple reason is ---we were used to playing a lot as children and in its absence; we need to make space for some other activity in our adulthood! Besides exercise releases feel good hormones ! Feel good hormones in return , create a ‘Feel good healthy heart!’An old lady in my neighborhood was diagnosed with a severe heart condition, she went through a bypass. Considering her age, doctors gave her six months.She is 75 now and kicking. I asked this grandmother the secret to health.She said--’Happiness!’ The bottom line was, she started with Yoga after the operation , starting with very simple breathing exercises then progressing to other postures and  there was no looking back!Today she teaches Yoga and is an  inspiration for many!
  2. Sleep-- stress free life and more sleep can make this little pumping muscle stronger because we all know that our heart never stops working! The cardinal rule of going to bed early and waking up early can also work but given the modern lifestyle or work pressures,  if you are  a late sleeper and do not hit sleep fast, you could try  meditation .  I learnt creative visualization from a friend who teaches meditation in her sunday counseling sessions at a local church . When  worry bogs me down at bed time,I meditate with my head on the pillow! It works like anesthesia for me !
  3.    Eat healthy-- Very little changes in your eating habits like----consuming low cholesterol foods, or fried foods , less of sweets and  more of heart friendly  nuts , fruits , fibre, greens  can improve heart health  in less than a year.A teenager in my neighborhood suffering from obesity was prescribed with the above.(As she had kidney and lever problems because of weight,the doctor asked her to make a few  amends in her lifestyle or they could  creep to her heart. It is also a wrong notion that only elderly suffer from a ailing heart) After an year, after loosing  35 kgs this teenager went on to win the college beauty pageants. The truth is loosing huge amounts of weight needed very small changes in her eating habits. She cut short on a few dairy products and incorporated greens , fruits and nuts in place of road side fast foods she so much cherished earlier.She is  now an inspiration for the other youngsters around.


PS--Did you make any small lifestyle changes that changed the way you look or feel? Share here!

Monday, 16 September 2013


Anu’s Chatter.....

I did not for sometime want to focus on crime and that was also the reason why, I did not write about it or..... avoid reading the first few pages of MUMBAI MIRROR.... that is  dedicated to crimes happening in and around Mumbai .......... dear friends as my attention caught the headline a couple of days back in-spite of myself, on the very first page of the same paper....  I am bound to react!  I needed to speak . I am doing the only way that I can best do----- Write! ...........The four accused in the Delhi Gruesome December Rape Case were awarded the capital punishment  and the fifth with a three years of imprisonment. ( because he is  a minor)....there were hundreds of responses to the capital punishment and the most shocking one is being of the  writer columnist Shobhaa De’s.....who spared no words in calling the legal system and people of our country ballistic...(because  she is totally against the capital punishment) . According to her  we Indians are turning into barbarians.. .......and   it will  not be  long before we will even come to stoning  people to death in the streets once their crime is the same breath she went on to reveal .... about the pressure on the Judge  Mr Khanna , that might have forced him to pronounce such an extreme verdict...Honestly .....that was her personal view ..........but given the name and the front page coverage for the opinion expressed by a  famous writer like her ......... common people  will  bound to  take it seriously  .................I honestly, feel that the self obsessed celebrities  like Ms De should reserve   their opinions  to themselves instead of cashing in on every opportunity to write  on glaring  incidents happening  in our society  to just hog the limelight.........Having said that ....personally I feel , this verdict was a God sent  to women.  More  of the kind, should be handed out to the criminals in rape and Murder cases against women;  to instill fear and needless to say, to make our country a safer and a better place for the fairer sex!

SOME SAFETY MEASURES FOR WOMEN IN MUMBAI......I Know that most of the advises might  sound normal , but I take it on me to repeat the cost of sounding cliche......

  • Please make it  a point, not to travel in the local trains after late hours ...if you must, change over to a compartment that is crowded( At least having some women in it)...  Note - Being powerful, bold or liberated does not mean inviting trouble.....
  • Please carry a fully charged mobile at all practice is to carry a charger to work .....if I need to work late....please do the same...
  • Follow the principal of ----no man is a saint....( that works for me)..please abstain from traveling alone or venturing out alone with a male colleague  or  a friend to deserted places or lonely offices on projects at late hours...if you need to ------please inform the concerned boss or higher ups and be in touch with one or two of your friends and family members....this should be true for women who take company vehicles to work and the night....

  • If at all you need to work late or travel late, carry a pepper spray....( I have not so far bought one but am in the process and most women should ) the wake of crime increasing in Mumbai.

  • The most important rule is----- you need not prove anything to anyone....I tell myself all the time that I need not prove how smart I am , how great I am or how liberated I am to strangers.........basically lie low, think quick and act with presence of mind in  sticky circumstances.Follow the cardinal principal of what you might preach your kids....Don't talk to strangers!

  • This might sound 100% cliche and personal  request to all women is to dress down.......all women must and should follow a basic international decency dressing code,while dressing for or while traveling in the public transports.I carry a change of clothes to the venue if I am partying or going out .
  • Besides all this be pro-active help other women in trouble...... raise an alarm ,scream, shout, call the police anything that can work at the time....
  I am reminded of an incident once recounted by a an overcrowded Mumbai local .... she witnessed a man touching ...a woman standing in front of him ....unethically.....either the woman was blind or she was too engrossed  balancing the baby on her shoulder that she did not pay attention....  My friend ( A liberated Mumbaite and a Modern Indian Woman by all standards) was angry and glared at the man .When it did not work she asked him if the woman standing in the front was his wife?He moved his head in negative .......after which, she started giving him  a  speech about morality . What happened next dear friends you can  only visualize...specially in an overcrowded public transport in Mumbai,  where people are frustrated and some are even looking for  entertainment to pass time.........THE MAN HAD TO BEAR THE BRUNT OF THE PUBLIC.....OF COURSE!

IF YOU CAN COME UP WITH ANY-OTHER SAFETY RULES FOR WOMEN YOU ARE MOST WELCOME TO SHARE WITH MY READERS.....You can also respond to this recounting your own experiences  on  eve-teasing and how you dealt with it...?

Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Anu’s chatter....

Passing personal comments are a total no, no as far as I am concerned..... they should not be encouraged at all costs....

I have  a  close friend who  passes personal comments like---
You have  a huge upper body that does not match  the lower....... you have  a protruding need to work more at it!" "You have not lost  an inch , even after heavy workouts”----  ...and hundreds of other irritating”Need to work on your Hindi dear, it is not good like so and do not cook good food like, so and so..... you are lazy, you sleep too much in the afternoons, not like so and so, who is  busy running around in the house” When I pointed out to her that she was too personal in her comments, She  retaliated saying - "I need to be as I am a close friend!!!" 

I realized that not only  a friend, a parent can also pass derogatory comments making it painful for the child involved.

I find one mother of two in my locality perennially comparing her two kids. If that was not irritating enough, I found that she has the bad habit of passing comments on her five year old daughter in front of -"She is a show of !!?” To the kid----”Do you think, you are very over smart?.........  why do you act like a snob?..... why do you talk like that? .........Are you mad ,come here show of?........ what do you think  you are doing?” 

Close relatives, friends or for that matter  personal comments of parents can be irritating to start with,  derogatory and detrimental to a person's psyche.....for a long time to come...If you agree and have come across such instances in your own life ..... please ....share ...on this site!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Relationship Rules

Anu’s chatter....

Most people complain about relationship problems. Why some  work and some don’t?!!!! The truth is most  are not  aware  that - like all  things in life, relationships cannot be taken for granted...wether it is between parents and  children,....siblings or friends . Simply  because , relationships are the most special;  fragile entities , governed by certain universal rules.....When two  individuals  get into a relationship, they have inadvertently  decided  on a pact..... that needs to be as  alive  and breathing like the people themselves! Having said that a  major question I end up asking and answering often ...... is, why irrespective of  the hard work, sometimes a relationship fails... . After walking this earth for almost four decades , living in a marriage as long as I can remember, rearing children, making it work with friends and relatives on a day to day basis, life has taught me valuable lessons.....about  people and to look for gaps  ......... ( Like reading between the lines for hidden meanings ) and darlings .... unconditional love does not always work even with the closest  and one needs to be brutally  practical at times! Over the years, I have developed , my own  rules to judge a  RELATIONSHIP by...... THEY ARE-------

Communication.........It  is 'the basis' to a great relationship.Now for the gaps-  Are you able to communicate properly?...... are you able to get that kind of emotional respite or response .... or it ends in fights and misunderstandings? Are you able to unburden  yourself  with a person?  If the above is not happening....the relationship is either not right for you ....or it could be one sided ........besides too much or too little  communication can also create  a rift  between people.
Understanding ---A fair amount of understanding is essential for a good relationship. The Gap------Empathy and ability to put yourself in other persons position and vice- versa is 'the soul'  to a relationship to thrive on.
Reciprocation.....Most of the married couples feel that their partners fall short in reciprocating their feelings. The result is , they end up feeling unloved.The Gap-----If a parner feels that he/she is constanly giving more-emotionally, physically or intellectually  ..without being recognized by the other...then surely, the marriage is heading towards murky waters ........... selfishness can break the best of hearts!
 Belief----- the most important parameter to a relationship  is,  belief....The Gap---- lack of belief  in the person involved and the ability to dream along .......takes one to a long lasting relationship.

 Time...spent  together  is the time gained together.The Gap----- Familiarity can breed contempt ..... but if quality time not  spent with a friend, relative or  a partner can ruin an otherwise  enriching relationship.
 Lack of judgement....A good relation is the one that lacks judgement! The Gap----An observation is clearly different from a judgement! An observation is positive while a judgement is negative!
Happiness........ is one of the most important parameters to a good..relationship. It is  about feeling happy, fulfilled...or  complete....... The Gap----If  a relationship is draining your happiness , sapping your energy  and making you miserable is possible that it lacks some of the above discussed or  it is one sided...Or  simply------It is  time for you to quit ! 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Sexual Favors For work...

Anu's Chatter...

The other afternoon I went to my old neighborhood......met my tailor friend who used to stitch most of my family 2002!
 I was extremely happy about meeting an old acquaintance...and we got to talking....We discussed lives and he was elated over the fact that I had become a full time writer....Over a cup of steaming coffee while watching the pelting rain  in his small store we gossiped to glory....

 After a while ....he  busied himself cutting the designed cloth  while  giving news .He shared that his elder daughter was studying to become a media professional and  he was planning to bring in the much creative second  one into the fashion business...

Anees( My friend) my all time favorite 'Tailor Master' was apprehensive about the big bad world of Bollywood and advertising media his daughter was ready to step in.... The conversation steered to casting couch and the likes....I just moved my head...
"There is no such thing I said .Yes! if one aspired to be an  actress then I cannot tell."
He my trepidation....
 "No ma'm the places my daughter had been seeking jobs they asked  for it. Now in-fact it is  very open.  The big bosses ask for sexual favours in return for a job!"

I said..."I am at least not knowledgable about such stuff."I took leave promising him some good contacts for his daughter and a Job!

After the conversation I spoke to a few people and came off shocked that in-fact such favors were being asked  in very big organizations!

At school I had written  essays Like- 'India Of my Dreams' and 'Women  Prime- Ministers of our country!' Now I am sad to say that  I am writing about sex in the work place!

The bottom line is I feel sorry for the plight of  working women  in our country now? Talk about sex trafficking!!!?


Anu's Chatter....

I get  a lot of requests for counseling from parents  for youngsters....most of the time  I comply, if  it is not a  clinical case ! .....Recently a friend of my friend called me....

She was crying over  the phone and  talking about her teenaged son who had lately become suicidal....I met the young fellow over a cup of coffee in CCD one evening! ....He looked  a little pensive but opened up at length...

It was a girl in his building......he had fallen for...she  had ditched him for another guy....

He opened out his heart to me about how much he loved this girl and he could not see her with someone else...this boy Raghav( whom I counseled ) was in his twelth standard with a a budding mustarche.....

I did my best telling him that suicide was not the solution to any problem in this world! I worked around the point that- he should be man enough to face the problem squarely  than to run away from it or  to run away from this world too soon. He looked much lifted at the end of our one hour long conversation  ! He even called me up in the night to thank me ! I see Raghav in a  much good shape nowadays and he started to smile too!

On my part I feel quite elated that I could evade an unfortunate event   in the city of Mumbai. (By the way Suicide seems to be a fashion here) .! 
Such incidents dear friends make my life worth living.....

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Jiah khan's news is a shocker......

Anu's Chatter........

Dears I am back in India after a long vacation and what do I read the very next day in the newspapers?

Autopsy reports of Jiah Khan Bla Bla say this...I was so shocked I was wondering if this girl had done something stupid and yes she had..she was another frustrated star who committed suicide for her boyfriend...

Today's Mumbai mirror's cover story was - Why successful actresses commit suicide for LOVE!Is it the anger, fear , frustration, or simply ego for getting rejected?No one knows what happens to those who take such a stupid drastic step.... GUYS....a long six page letter was found after three days in her room expressing pain about the abusive relation, her abortion, gory details of her affair  with Suraj the reports say three letters were found with the guy himself...her Mom says she had marks on her face after they found her hanging in her the latest is Salman Khan was behind the breakup! This is the newest twist in the tale guys.The surprises are not stopping at all! The truth remains that nothing can bring back Jiah to US! 
 This is the second suicide that I am talking about in my blogs. The first one was about the owner of Raj tours and travels last year who died  jumping from the Bandra Sea link  Jiah. Both these people were successful individuals  in their own right ......
 After this shocking news percolated one consistent thought in my mind is   who is the sufferer in all this? Is it the partner , the dwindling business, Career or the family for which these people have given their lives? Is not it like suicide is punishing yourself ?  If Jiah would have lived she would have got married to maybe a great guy , seared a wonderful family ,did many movies for years, might have worked for the society in her old age ...she could have been a role model for so many like her colleagues.... at  a later age...who knows? But she was too impatient ....people will remember her only as a Jiah who went too soon. The one who committed suicide . Public memory is short ....after a while she will be forgotten! I had liked her in 'Ghajani' so much that  I had became her fan of sorts....sadly now I  can only wish her all the best wherever she is and R.I.P.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sex and Work By Devaki Jain

Anu's Chatter......

The concern of those who are living in the less developed continents of the world such as Africa and South Asia is that what drives women and children into offering sex as a means of earning a livelihood is not personal choice but either poverty or extreme violence at home.

These were the lines that goaded me to read the entire article in a go!

When I read this moving article in todays Times  Middle Page friends, I  wanted  to know more about this person called as Devaki Jain  and women trafficking...!  I googled  and  found  that this woman was a feminist and a social worker .... ....The study  reveals the shameful facts about  the  Trafficking  of a Girl child  and Women in India  and world over. 

 According to Devaki's Studies.....

A 2003/2004 report on trafficking in women and children prepared by the Institute of Social Sciences in collaboration with the National Human Rights Commission and the UNIFEM interviewed 4,006 persons involved in trafficking. The study presents the following findings under the rubric Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
5 Valerie Kozel, and Barbara Parker 'A Profile and Diagnostic of the Poverty in Uttar Pradesh', World Bank,2001,. Paper presented at a Poverty Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop in New Delhi, hosted by the Government's Planning Commission and the World Bank, 11 January, 2002
68 percent of the victims were lured by promises of jobs and 16.8 percent by promises of marriage and 70 percent of the victims were from deprived sections of society.
- 198 brothels had 615 girls who were 17-18 years of age, 82 brothels had 245 girls who were less than 16 years of age and the highest demand is for virgins.
- At the time of interviews, 860 children were being exploited in the brothels.
Children make the most money for their exploiters in this profitable business. 44.3 percent of those in brothels started their life there when they were less than 18 years, 22.9 percent when less than 16 years, and 60.6 percent were married as children!
Here is another way of looking at Amartya Sen's "missing women": An average of 22,480 women and 44,476 children are reported missing in India every year, out of which 5,452 women and 11,008 children continue to remain untraced. It is suggested that these are the people who are trafficked, as they are sucked into untraceable brothels.
The 2004 UN "World Survey on the Role of Women in Development" says:
"The number of international migrants has risen to about 175 million in 2000, or 2.9 per cent of the world's population, from about 75 million, or 2.5 per cent of the world's population, in 1960. The proportion of women migrants during the same period rose to 49 per cent, from 46.6 per cent. . . . Women may believe that they have legitimate jobs in the new country, only to find that they have been trapped into prostitution, sweatshop work or what are considered other contemporary forms of slavery. The survey notes that "the trafficking of people for prostitution and forced labour is one of the fastest-growing areas of international criminal activity and one that is of increasing concern to the international community."6
Like the practice of aborting female foetuses, trafficking in women cuts across caste and religion, as surveys of sex workers show, for example in Sona Gachi in Kolkota.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

‘Dabangg’ for the Remakes

Anu’s Chatter....

‘Dabangg  Salman Khan,’ the man with a bigger heart than his biceps, has been known to launch young talents in the Bollywood industry. After launching Sonakshi Sinha in his movie Dabangg, the latest news is that Salman Khan will launch Aditya Panscholi's son Sooraj and Suniel Shetty's daughter Athiya soon. According to a leading daily, Sooraj and Athiya might debut in the official remake of Subhash Ghai's 1983 blockbuster Hero, that featured Jackie Shroff and Meenakshi Sheshadri in the leads. Me thinks I think people in Bollywood are bereft of scrips now . The big producers are remaking the old films . If I  look  at the  remake of Aneepath  only for one song we all know it is ‘Chikni Chameli’ that brought the audience to the theatres. At least I went to watch that song. Besides that I could not make head and tail of that movie dears.. Yes of course for a Sanjay Dutt's Kancha role ( whoever) and  the child prostitution racket run by Rishi kapoor Errr ( Which is GORY by the very word)he is called as ...err(I have forgotten his name in the movie) I do not remember anything!.....Apart from  Don in my opinion non of the remakes have done well . lets face it , who wants to go to the same movies with different faces..what say? 

Friday, 17 May 2013

Sanju Baba finally goes to Jail..

 Sanjay Dutt, who is facing three-and-a-half years in prison has finally  said that he was ready to go to jail and did yesterday.

Responding to a nationwide debate in India on whether he should be pardoned by the state after being sentenced by the supreme court, Dutt told journalists at his home on Thursday: "There are many other people who deserve pardon. I just want to say with folded hands that when I'm not going for a pardon then there's no debate about it." These words speak volumes!   Having said this ,I am feeling a little low that Sanju will not be seen by us for a period of three and a half years which is long .For  a person who entertained us with amazing performances..through the will be wrong to say that any other actor could have portrayed the roles he did with so much  conviction . For example a Munna bhai is a Munna Bhai . I cannot even for a second visualize any other actor in Sanju's place! 

All said and done guy's I really respect our Sanju Baba .  In the true sense he has proved to be a reel and a real life Hero. His fans will always respect him for his decisions!  Over the years I have seen him change from an aggressive youngman to a simple down to earth responsible actor and a citizen!  Besides I am happy that our Sanju baba will be a free man after three years and he can lead the kind of life he wants with his family and friends. We will all miss you and love you! 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bollywood's Original Dhak Dhak Girl does an Item number

Anu's Chatter......

I am back again guys with the latest news...I was at the  poster release of Madhuri Dixit's item number in the Ranbir Kapoor- Deepika Padukone starrer Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani . the yesteryears Diva Darlings has come back as an item number .  The diva is in no mood to reveal her look in the song.
The poster was  released by  T- Series, and the song was uploaded on their official YouTube channel . The posters have Dhak Dhak girl turning her back to the audience..., The number titled Ghagra promises to be a desi number in tune with what has been working at the box- office lately.
In the picture, Madhuri dons a ghagra with shiny shades of orange and pink, teaming it up with a black tasseled choli . However, she is expected to have multiple change of costumes in the song.
 I have an observation darlings here - the back in the poster is not the kind of back that we were expecting if you see the poster then you will know....I mean to say it is not that back less blouse that the Item Girls like Mallika sherawat  or for that matter kareena wore in their songs ! It is all very closed..
 I wonder why the Dhak Dhak girl of the 80’s and 90’s wants to come back with  a closed back...A very good reason darlings is Madhuri is married now and she cannot show us what she used to....Then, why these women don't  take a sabbatical? Anyways what we get to see in  a young girl we cannot in a 45 year old mother of two... Yawn Yawn ...What a boring Item number sorry Dhak Dhak....number. See you till the next!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013



One chapter in Kat's life closed and the other opened dears it is now the Chapter of on and off relation of Kat and Kapoor boy .  The other day the actors, were spotted  red-handed again by cameraman while they were busy enjoying the car ride.

In a mood to show off his brand new white Mercedes Benz, G class SUV, Ranbir took Katrina for a long drive which ended up being a near disaster.
The recent reports suggest that the couple apparently were so caught up in conversation while driving that they didn't realize that they were in the vicinity of Imran Khans bunglow in Bandra and that very night Imran was hosting a party to celebrate Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak completing 25 years.
Once Ranbir realized that they might be caught on camera, he  panicked and speeded the car. In the rush he narrowly missed a collision.
its still a confusion for me dears wether this guy Ranbir Kapoor is dating Katrina or not!