Monday, 4 August 2014

Friends are like Hot Chocolate and cold ice-cream

Anu’s chatter....

“Best friends are inseparable, much like some of the classic food combinations that will never go out of style. You know that being with your best friend is like a combination of a hot brownie with ice cream? One is frozen cold but melts because of the heat from the chocolate !They are  inseparable and the taste is unique as it is because of the diametrically opposite combinations of intensity....   Yesterday I enjoyed friendships day to the hilt and I came upon this deadly conclusion friends . What a realization!  ...One aunty from my building wanted to know the significance of such days and if it was not a waste of money and time as otherwise people did not care for one another? All said and  done guys...I feel that----
there is no reason why one should not celebrate such days  specially when the feelings of being loved is the one that  lingers for sometime to come specially when we neither have time to look at people and our lives are so mechanical?? It is  a reason to wish and meet those who matter really! So Happy Friendship's Day friends!?

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