Sunday, 21 December 2014

Book Reading

More excerpts from my book that I love ......its like a book reading...These lines seem to be effortless....when read..I love them....writing and reading for me is therapy....I don't know what else would I have done if not this?

“Please be my guest and make yourself comfortable.” Ananya asked, “Will you have some coffee?”
“No, no, dear! Dinner time, na.
Mrs Verma’s Ramayan started. She was a great fan of Lord Rama. She regularly watched Mahadev on Colors too.
“Ooohhh, my sweety pie, come to aunty,” she cajoled Alia.
Alia whimpered and purred in ecstasy and started to crawl on the floor faster. Ananya meanwhile glided into the kitchen in search of food. She loaded her plate with raita and pudina paratha.
The doorbell rang again.
“I heard the voices and could not control. I thought of joining in.” Mrs Mishra was at the door.
“Is your TV working?” Mrs Verma asked again from her sofa as she saw Mrs Mishra at the door.
“Yes. Yours is not? Again?” “I think mine has a problem,” informed Mrs Verma. “Please join us,” said Ananya courteously. “Have dinner.
Marri has made pudina paratha.” “Nai, nai, don’t bother. I have made nice pulav.” “It is high time we got together. I am always busy. How
are you, Mrs Mishra? Are your children home?” asked Ananya.
“Yes. As you know, they are always home from college in the afternoon only, but Rajeev went to the tennis class and has not returned still. Waiting for him. He is not taking my calls also.” That was a perennial complaint of Mrs Mishra that her children did not respond to her calls.
“Where does he go for the classes?” “To the next society. They have a good instructor.” “Come in, don’t stand near the door, come in,” shoutedMrs Verma from the sofa.

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