Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sex and Work By Devaki Jain

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The concern of those who are living in the less developed continents of the world such as Africa and South Asia is that what drives women and children into offering sex as a means of earning a livelihood is not personal choice but either poverty or extreme violence at home.

These were the lines that goaded me to read the entire article in a go!

When I read this moving article in todays Times  Middle Page friends, I  wanted  to know more about this person called as Devaki Jain  and women trafficking...!  I googled  and  found  that this woman was a feminist and a social worker .... ....The study  reveals the shameful facts about  the  Trafficking  of a Girl child  and Women in India  and world over. 

 According to Devaki's Studies.....

A 2003/2004 report on trafficking in women and children prepared by the Institute of Social Sciences in collaboration with the National Human Rights Commission and the UNIFEM interviewed 4,006 persons involved in trafficking. The study presents the following findings under the rubric Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
5 Valerie Kozel, and Barbara Parker 'A Profile and Diagnostic of the Poverty in Uttar Pradesh', World Bank,2001,. Paper presented at a Poverty Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop in New Delhi, hosted by the Government's Planning Commission and the World Bank, 11 January, 2002
68 percent of the victims were lured by promises of jobs and 16.8 percent by promises of marriage and 70 percent of the victims were from deprived sections of society.
- 198 brothels had 615 girls who were 17-18 years of age, 82 brothels had 245 girls who were less than 16 years of age and the highest demand is for virgins.
- At the time of interviews, 860 children were being exploited in the brothels.
Children make the most money for their exploiters in this profitable business. 44.3 percent of those in brothels started their life there when they were less than 18 years, 22.9 percent when less than 16 years, and 60.6 percent were married as children!
Here is another way of looking at Amartya Sen's "missing women": An average of 22,480 women and 44,476 children are reported missing in India every year, out of which 5,452 women and 11,008 children continue to remain untraced. It is suggested that these are the people who are trafficked, as they are sucked into untraceable brothels.
The 2004 UN "World Survey on the Role of Women in Development" says:
"The number of international migrants has risen to about 175 million in 2000, or 2.9 per cent of the world's population, from about 75 million, or 2.5 per cent of the world's population, in 1960. The proportion of women migrants during the same period rose to 49 per cent, from 46.6 per cent. . . . Women may believe that they have legitimate jobs in the new country, only to find that they have been trapped into prostitution, sweatshop work or what are considered other contemporary forms of slavery. The survey notes that "the trafficking of people for prostitution and forced labour is one of the fastest-growing areas of international criminal activity and one that is of increasing concern to the international community."6
Like the practice of aborting female foetuses, trafficking in women cuts across caste and religion, as surveys of sex workers show, for example in Sona Gachi in Kolkota.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

‘Dabangg’ for the Remakes

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‘Dabangg  Salman Khan,’ the man with a bigger heart than his biceps, has been known to launch young talents in the Bollywood industry. After launching Sonakshi Sinha in his movie Dabangg, the latest news is that Salman Khan will launch Aditya Panscholi's son Sooraj and Suniel Shetty's daughter Athiya soon. According to a leading daily, Sooraj and Athiya might debut in the official remake of Subhash Ghai's 1983 blockbuster Hero, that featured Jackie Shroff and Meenakshi Sheshadri in the leads. Me thinks I think people in Bollywood are bereft of scrips now . The big producers are remaking the old films . If I  look  at the  remake of Aneepath  only for one song we all know it is ‘Chikni Chameli’ that brought the audience to the theatres. At least I went to watch that song. Besides that I could not make head and tail of that movie dears.. Yes of course for a Sanjay Dutt's Kancha role ( whoever) and  the child prostitution racket run by Rishi kapoor Errr ( Which is GORY by the very word)he is called as ...err(I have forgotten his name in the movie) I do not remember anything!.....Apart from  Don in my opinion non of the remakes have done well . lets face it , who wants to go to the same movies with different faces..what say? 

Friday, 17 May 2013

Sanju Baba finally goes to Jail..

 Sanjay Dutt, who is facing three-and-a-half years in prison has finally  said that he was ready to go to jail and did yesterday.

Responding to a nationwide debate in India on whether he should be pardoned by the state after being sentenced by the supreme court, Dutt told journalists at his home on Thursday: "There are many other people who deserve pardon. I just want to say with folded hands that when I'm not going for a pardon then there's no debate about it." These words speak volumes!   Having said this ,I am feeling a little low that Sanju will not be seen by us for a period of three and a half years which is long .For  a person who entertained us with amazing performances..through the years...it will be wrong to say that any other actor could have portrayed the roles he did with so much  conviction . For example a Munna bhai is a Munna Bhai . I cannot even for a second visualize any other actor in Sanju's place! 

All said and done guy's I really respect our Sanju Baba .  In the true sense he has proved to be a reel and a real life Hero. His fans will always respect him for his decisions!  Over the years I have seen him change from an aggressive youngman to a simple down to earth responsible actor and a citizen!  Besides I am happy that our Sanju baba will be a free man after three years and he can lead the kind of life he wants with his family and friends. We will all miss you and love you! 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bollywood's Original Dhak Dhak Girl does an Item number

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I am back again guys with the latest news...I was at the  poster release of Madhuri Dixit's item number in the Ranbir Kapoor- Deepika Padukone starrer Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani . the yesteryears Diva Darlings has come back as an item number .  The diva is in no mood to reveal her look in the song.
The poster was  released by  T- Series, and the song was uploaded on their official YouTube channel . The posters have Dhak Dhak girl turning her back to the audience..., The number titled Ghagra promises to be a desi number in tune with what has been working at the box- office lately.
In the picture, Madhuri dons a ghagra with shiny shades of orange and pink, teaming it up with a black tasseled choli . However, she is expected to have multiple change of costumes in the song.
 I have an observation darlings here - the back in the poster is not the kind of back that we were expecting if you see the poster then you will know....I mean to say it is not that back less blouse that the Item Girls like Mallika sherawat  or for that matter kareena wore in their songs ! It is all very closed..
 I wonder why the Dhak Dhak girl of the 80’s and 90’s wants to come back with  a closed back...A very good reason darlings is Madhuri is married now and she cannot show us what she used to....Then, why these women don't  take a sabbatical? Anyways what we get to see in  a young girl we cannot in a 45 year old mother of two... Yawn Yawn ...What a boring Item number sorry Dhak Dhak....number. See you till the next!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013



One chapter in Kat's life closed and the other opened dears it is now the Chapter of on and off relation of Kat and Kapoor boy .  The other day the actors, were spotted  red-handed again by cameraman while they were busy enjoying the car ride.

In a mood to show off his brand new white Mercedes Benz, G class SUV, Ranbir took Katrina for a long drive which ended up being a near disaster.
The recent reports suggest that the couple apparently were so caught up in conversation while driving that they didn't realize that they were in the vicinity of Imran Khans bunglow in Bandra and that very night Imran was hosting a party to celebrate Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak completing 25 years.
Once Ranbir realized that they might be caught on camera, he  panicked and speeded the car. In the rush he narrowly missed a collision.
its still a confusion for me dears wether this guy Ranbir Kapoor is dating Katrina or not!