Monday, 3 December 2012


Hey! When I talk 'bout' this dears I get goose bumps ! Believe you must!
 A couple of years back I was going through a personal crisis of the worst kind.. My life was in doldrums , I was in a mess and my world was crumbling apart! One  day as usual I took the daily bus to work.After sometime a girl in her twenties occupied a seat in front of me. I gave her a wide smile and she complimented me profusely on it! .We continued traveling and I dozed off. As I opened my eyes , after a while, I found  this girl reading a book by Sri Sri. I said.. "My smile is beautiful because we share  the same Guru" return ,she smiled  back and we started to talk . Out of  context  she told me a personal  story of miracle.
It was like-

"Two years back one of my friends was doing an advanced course with Sri Sri and on his  last day of the course I had asked him to convey a personal message to Guruji on meeting him, but he forgot.As he  sat on the floor repentant  he saw a pair of feet  next to him. It was non other than Sri Sri..he  simply patted my friend on his shoulder  and said 'Tell your friend , that I am taking care of her.'  My friend... could not just believe that Sri Sri had read his mind and conveyed a message about me!" 

Amidst other gossip...The girl  recounted how she had to chase the bus for a good half  hour, on a bike  with her cousin to take it ! How she was 'hell bent' on taking the same bus instead of the next!  I knew somehow in my heart that I will never  ever meet this girl  or  will be able to strike a chord  with her !But after this incident , I was able to overcome my personal crisis and life has come back to normal!

Moral of the story-Its a Miracle!? Any doubts?