Friday, 1 August 2014

Precious time !

Hi guys ..........this is the third in my blog marathon....because I could not post one yesterday I am posting two today!

Anu’s Chatter-----

The time is ticking away all the time......Time is ticking.... that is what exactly I feel each passing day each passing moment ---------this has been like this with me for quite some time now and that also reminds me that ---time is the most precious thing on this earth! That decided---My top priority on the list is to spend as much of time as possible with the most precious people around me  that includes my  mom ........ I haven't been able to spend as much time as I should have  after marriage I decide to do THAT! Especially now that she will turn 72 this is the number ONE on my list ! So that reminds me --that time is precious because I cannot bring it back too!
The other precious littles on my list are -----

Visiting an old friend, reading  a good book, taking a ‘alone walk’ on the Juhu beach,spending time with my husband with my fast growing kid.......

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