Friday, 29 August 2014


Anu's Chatter..

Today the Lord looks beautiful laden with flowers and my home smells of incense..and sandalwood...But this festival reminds of the year that turned so very fast in the  twinkle of an eye.

The turning of an year makes me nostalgic reminds me of those people who are in my life like-my mom,  or my other  close family and ...and  my old such friend I must mention here ....I am missing today immensely....who went through a bad divorce and moved away from this country itself..I lost touch with her but she is right here in my heart..this festive season is dedicated to her and to all of my friends in the past who were a part of my existence  and made my world worth - a - while. Besides this particular friend...has run away far but she happens to be celebrity in a way so I have found  her... I will keep you updated ..keep reading. What? My blogs!

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