Friday, 22 November 2013


Anu’s chatter....

I simply Love heaven...

That’s the Dog in BIg Boss house -----season 7...its adorable....I am a big fan of Heaven...its a beautiful Golden retriever ..(I had written a blog on the pet prototypes and mine was labrador or a golden retriever..?) I love is so golden, furry , large  and always smiling.  It loves people, is sociable, always barges into some discussions and puts its nose everywhere as if to give its opinions.... it seems to know what is going on...with everyone around!It actively participates in the activities of the house ...... it hardly speaks through its eyes.

Yesterday ..heaven was given a task...... to be a witness to each contestants unburdening!.. As the contestants were  speaking to it in was just so adorably quite, listening with its huge tongue out or just moving its head just sitting on his hinges....When Kamya cried heaven looked into her eyes, blinking sometimes nodding its cute head as if to say  “Don't cry sweetie,I know what you are going through!” God! Its adorable...After a while it just sat there closing its eyes quietly doing nothing. Maybe he was bored. The expression on its face said it all!It was so ,so very amusing for me that I was simply laughing.....Heaven made the task so adorable! As Humans we need to learn valuable lessons from it. What say?

Heaven is everywhere in the house ...accompanies the contestants into the storerooms, bathrooms,toilets ,and  when it’s not allowed in, it just slumps at the door , with its cute nose smelling the insides through the cracks in the door ...Like a true loyal friend! God it is so cute !I wait for instructions everyday  like ---- Heaven  ko Bachane ke liye-----Type karein HEA aur bhej dein 56882 par.