Friday, 1 August 2014

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Anu’s Chatter.....

 Did people think... the way I do?

The kind of questions that  bog me nowadays....are how will I cope with aging, when it finally happens? what will happen to me when the day of my death  arrives? Was there life after death? Will I go to some place called as a heaven? Will I ever be able to see my loved ones? All these thoughts really really trouble me sometimes as they are right now...the worst of the lot is---- How much time do I have....? If I do not get enlightenment as Budha did , was my life a waste? Will God punish me for my sins.... since I have not completed the enlightenment process and push me to a menial birth as it is believed in the scriptures?

Was I aging because I was thinking so much, or aging was making me think so much? Or all this was because of the pollution and Global warming? Funny but research shows that the nature that is changing has some adverse effect on peoples thought processes! Why I  never thought about such things in my teens or twenties??????????Do you have the answers guys do you think the way I do? Write back...

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