Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Giving 100%

Anu's Chatter....

The present generation is a confused lot....at least I feel so...the students doing engineering feel that they should have done medicine and the docs feel all the time useless..the lawers feel it is a waste of time educating themselves for---our  'system is so hopeless' and teachers feel they should have been in a better profession and the computer professionals feel that they are sucked by the boring corporate life! .......I was talking to a student  in my journalism class the other day and asked my usual question about his ambition....He said he did not know...what he wanted to do in life! The same answer was given by ten others .They had come into the media by fluke....At the end of it all I was very disillusioned , unhappy and went out asking the question to other students and young professionals ---the answer was always almost the same ....some even said that they were in a wrong professions for the wrong reasons( Money)  or they had so many options that they could not decide etc etc.....so they took what they got....so they are not happy ..WITHOUT A DOUBT, THE PRESENT GENERATION IS A CONFUSED LOT I DECIDED! After my bitter confusion  I met a P.R professional . This lady had a day job juggled babies and took care of her sick Mom-In-Law and Ma who was bed ridden. Her husband lived abroad ..I had not yet come across someone so laden with problems and someone whom I never considered asking this question.....but after a while into the conversation I just mentioned about the enormity of her situation and sympathized with her ...Do you know what she said?

" What enormity? I never thought I will become a P.R . I was studying to become a lawyer but I got this  job and now I love this like nobody's business! "

I got my answer Guys...do you want to add something more to it ? I am waiting....

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