Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Art Of Doing Nothing.....

Its like the Art of Living.... I have often heard from women about this !As  every day I  hear  someone say "I am bored because ...I have nothing to do." I wanted to find more on the topic of 'Doing Nothing and Getting Bored' syndrome. So I fished some women and went asking! The first was  a  friend of mine who is earning a five figure salary but did not have the time to look else where but work..... so I figured she must be 'Not Bored' types! Little into the convo...I found her  envying housewives! "What an amazing life they have.... all the time with their families. I am really bored of working!" 

So, next I visited a housewife friend of mine who took a sabbatical from work  to be with her kids. Now she is a 24 /7 mom, turns out her boys are rowdy do not listen to her! She is all  admiration for working women. "Those are the lucky ones and those were the good days when I was off to work from morning till night! I am just waiting for my second one to grow up,so that I can go back to work." "How long that will be?" I ask. "Maybe three maybe four or more..its very boring to be a home maker!"Yes yes." I chip in. 

 By this time I wondered if there was someone out there  'Not Bored'types.  So I went to a lady professor who seemed to be  having time for  herself and her family!  She was like--  what a pain the paper corrections were for a teacher and the she complained about teachers being paid very less etc .  I  protested "You get time with your family don't you in this profession?" "Where?" "They pay less and half of the vacations call us to the university with some pretext  or the other for extra corrections or work. On the pretext?" My eyebrows escape into my hairline. "Is.... that the government  is paying good salary to us teachers with the implementation of the sixth pay.... harassment I tell you." She continues...like her lecture for 40 odd minutes..."I need more money  less corrections and more vacations ...anytime , office goers are much better off!" "Why?" I rejoin.... "They have fixed working hours, no taking work home and salary is good...oh yes they get to dress well too" She said it , as if it was a qualification! Has somebody heard of- 'The other side is always the greener one?' "Yawn I am bored!Please save me !"

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