Saturday, 18 August 2012


Guys there is a feeling deep in the pit of your stomach , when you come across somethings from your past ..well they can be a few letters, e-mails or any thing that was dear to you in the I was browsing the channels and came across the news about Kaka and Dimpi's marriage saga( Dimpi as in Dimple Kapadia)  nostalgia hit me. It was being announced as the best romance of Bollywood and how the couples marriage was 'THE NEWS' across the nation in the 70' was the first thing that was shown in  the theaters to the public before the actual screening of the film... the feeling hit me along with the memory..... as a child I remember going to the cinemas with my parents and watching the wedding film of Kaka and Dimple....That done when I opened my machine to check mail and was browsing though my files guys.... I came across a couple of leads that I had compiled three years back that became popular cause of the words  I used and the way I had written .....My Anoo's mag( On Line Lifestyle magazine) went on to became one of the most popular online mags that got rave  the nostalgia begets I wast no time to share and post them-

The making of Kabini    (By: Dr Anuradha Prasad)

“Kabini is still untouched, serene and natural, transports a hungry traveler to the heights of divine quality of human nature. Because it connects to a part of his natural origin that is ravaged by the advent of civilization, a visit to the place brings back the hidden primal emotions that could be primitive yet natural, exotic yet divine! Basically visiting Kabini was like going back home to the humble beginnings of the man kind!”

FASHION   ( By: Dr Anuradha Prasad) 

I bring to you my all time ‘fav’ Indian designer……..who has given the traditional style a glamour exceeding the excellent , wove Indian rustic designs  into sophisticated chic fashions……. she gave  boutique prints her own characteristic appeal … which were otherwise relegated to the back lanes of Calcutta only used by a few rustic artisans nobody cared to look…Indian fashion Industry thrived under her creative scalpel and a new designer in the global market was born….As she stands today at the helm of Indian fashion Industry after five decades as a doyenne of designs …nothing less or more can describe her  fashion-fiesta like her own designs can….. She is Ritu kumar… 

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