Sunday, 25 November 2012


Anu's Chatter.........

What is a Writers block?
Over the years that I am a writer now ...I cannot write for some days...some days I just flow ... when I cannot( Write naturally) I panic ....I am restless....I want to know the reason ...I try different methods to motivate myself....after much introspection, I realized that the reason I cannot is the reason I am not motivated enough.....  is the Famous Writers block!!!? But motivation I realized comes not always and comes from another space..what is it?That space I know now is the  lack of ambition! Surprised ? But it is true...... the reason is you do not care much are indifferent wether you want to have a vision or not...what I am pepping myself up and writing and doing my bit for the day...presto! I realize that  after I started to write this blog all my blocks have melted and  I am much motivated enough, energized enough, to write the whole not it dears called as your true calling? Your work gives you the motivation to live and vice-versa?...oh I don't care ..whatever...I am writing soooooo I am living! 

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