Friday, 3 August 2012

The Loser!

The morning shows the day! Rather every morning   paper makes our day! For all the obvious reasons I have stopped reading the times main pages and Mumbai Mirror...For all the other reasons I read only the entertainment pages. Guys for some reason the news on the first page of Mumbai Mirror Wednesday 1st August caught my attention.....The Raj tours and travel founder jumps from the Bandra sea link .....I of course know Raj tours and who does I read on? The details were of course shocking the 56 year old guy ..committed suicide cause he could not repay loans he took..he had a court case on his head... he faced an arrest, his house could be mortgaged so was his office and the case was coming to a hearing at four that afternoon!!!!  Is it reason enough for someone to kill himself and in such a cruel way ? He being a magnate should have started from scratch and worked on to establish himself! loser! Yes is what exactly I felt about him.....I happened to share this news with someone from my friends circle who happened to have a small time business( A parlor)...but makes comfortable amount to sustain her husband who is jobless, three sons ...two married and did not stay with her or support her...the third one is still studying and not settled ...hundreds of other problems  in her life including a cancer in her youth  ..(chemo took her hair and she was bald)...she lost her figure to a bad menopause well into her fifties  fights hot flashes every minute ....she was  and is in the beauty business..... did not know how she would progress as she felt she could not convince her customers......with a bald head..and no moral support .....but she fought back made herbal hair oils to combat baldness ..(today she has a hair oil by her name that grows hair on  bald heads...hers grew back healthy!).... she is back to making a 400,000 a month....she does not have a big name like Shehnaz Hussain but she is a fighter....after I shared this suicide case with her she was like what a loser ...his soul will never see heaven ....he will be a haunted soul for a thousand years....Oh really? Was all I could say ..but who wants losers  to haunt the heavens as well !  I repeat what a loser!

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