Tuesday, 7 August 2012

 A writer with a block-Sorry a blog....

Block meaning a writers block. On the first of Jan, every year I resolve to write everyday but it does not happen that way at all. I start suffering some days, with a writers block like any other road block. It just persists for sometime and vanishes! I am back in my form and start writing..the idea guys is always to sharpen my talons. You understand talons? I suppose like a tigress sharpens her nails.... (sorry Talons) like a lion does the same guys.. I need not go further into the 'Cat Family' you must have understood by now what I mean. The idea is to write something original everyday. Original as in no cut paste business please! Like most of the writers today do! Steal! I do nothing of the sort! .  This is my style guys I do not know how I discovered it !It just happened! I guess I wanted to use my strange sense of humor , to write with! People read cause, there are so many problems in this world.The bottom line is... people are reading! 

 One inspirational story about a great painter Picaso comes to my mind! It goes somewhat like -Once in the public square a woman met Picaso the great! She totally went crazy on meeting the celebrity and asked him to sketch something for her. He scribbled 'a something' on a tissue in matter of seconds and gave it to the woman. She was ecstatic. she was about to leave when...Picaso demanded for 300 bucks. She was aghast ..she said "I thought it was free!" He rejoined "I took thirty years  to get where I am mam..... it does not come free." "But you just scribbled something ?!"  The woman protested. "But it is still mine" said Picasso! So I am still writing guys ..... still blocking sorry blogging.Still.....Chug ......Chug making my style!

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