Thursday, 16 August 2012

Guys sometimes you are 'Maha proud' to have  done something my case it has to be writing and what else?Written something... hell of a note  for a  college mag as  'The Editor'......that I am so very proud of! So I just wanted to share! As they say ..... "Success however small might be is know what!  No marks for guessing that one!

It goes like-


In the last few years, India has established itself as the premier business hub for the world…. and the recognition is validated by the growing number of countries investing here. This further encourages us to make enhancements within and outside of our country. As a rebound   the Indian Markets feel a continuous pressure to perfect their products in the global markets. The percolating pressures are felt at home like never before and    a work scenario that demands a twenty four seven service has taken birth along with it.. a cut throat market competition . One  cutthroat corporate battle  between the two global outstanding soft drink companies of our country,that caught the eyeballs recently and went on to become the ‘Benchmark in the Managerial Competencies’ was of Pepsi and Coke! TheYoung Corporate's first issue brings you the ‘Real story of the case that moved the Nation!'  The word young... brings to me the work at hand ….after years of writing and editing high-end lifestyle magazine articles, when I took up the job of editing a college magazine my mind raced! Should it be peppy? Should it be colorful? We wanted it to be both… It is young; it is peppy and in no lesser word a firsthand highflying corporate college magazine so it is simply called as the ‘THE YOUNG CORPORATE.’ This new year someone had spoken to me about some unusual  professions possible after management studies… we wasted no time to find one-‘Wine Management.’ Read on to know all about it! ‘Money Matters!’  An inspirational story of a bank that emerged from the ashes to be resurrected back . Management articles…Creative fiction…poems and  a few musings on being a nature lover…. and  some rampus on the campus…. all in this edition of  THE YOUNG CORPORATE! In the same gusto I wish to thank everyone who made it possible! Happy Reading!


Dr Anuradha Prasad

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