Friday, 3 August 2012

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

'Raksha Ka Bandhan' to be precise the holy tread that ties a brother and a sister in the divine relationship of love, trust and protection.... has changed over the years......there was a time when Raksha Bandhan was a national fest, there was a lot of furor over it, the bhais or boys would spread the word  that they were not available on the they had to travel to  different parts of Mumbai ( in case of a married sis) to get that sacred thread tied to their wrists ....this scenario went on through my childhood i.e in the eighties and well into the nineties ! Typically on the day of the bandhan the bros came to schools and colleges at least with a dozen to half a dozen Raksha's like- oversized watches tied to their wrists  ... understandably ....along with the blood sisters a guy had many other sisters too?!They were called  as  the 'Mu..Bola' ones .......(I feel guys... in those days.....most girls/women took advantage of this festival to tie a Rakhi on a guys wrist.... who was interested in them before he could propose and make the situation awkward !) Coming back to the point 'More  Rakhis' on a guys  wrist of course meant more  masculinity. ( protecting  many women at all times meant great strength! )Tah! Tah!

Over the years ,the size of the Rakhi as well the number on a guys wrist have dwindled. Where the fairer sex  looked at men in a different light ,walked straight , tied Rakhis to every guy in the Muhalah made him a bro( today they make out) and dutifully married  men their parents got for them, today .... youngsters  have embraced American culture on the rebound, date guys by the dozen! Rakhis have changed to friendship bands and love  bands....... guys..... I do not mind the later but I miss the previous...The feverishness of the festival ! Oh! Happy Raksha Bandhan !

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