Monday, 30 July 2012

Cleaning...your home...NO finger prints please!

I watched my mom closely as she cleaned was like Vidya Balan cleaning everything that she touched in is just a habit my mom retorted as I looked at her critically...a major arthritis patient and suffering from constant bouts of  Osteoporosis she has a cleaning madness! Then comes my sister back from work..I find her cleaning the cleaned bathrooms and toilets again arranging and re-arranging the house that her mom-in-law did earlier in the day shouting out to her child about how messy her room was...oh  these women I think.. are mad really ...then back in Mumbai from my adventure trips (these are my regular trips to my dear kith and kin)I went to my friend who was not keeping too well while coming back from work...I found her fretting over the dirty fan above her bed....'Oh it looks dirty I had no time to clean it now that I am lying on the bed it is visible to me'... sigh....sigh..."Even in your sickness you can think of the fan?" I complain Oh God...  women!

I come back home and the next day  was  a holiday......I take Mr Muscle toilet cleaner, Mr Muscle furniture kitchen and tile cleaner and am at it!......I had also called the pest control fellow barraging him that I am finding one small cockroach almost two days even after his pest control........the pest control-wala gives me a lecture as to how the medicines work for the insects.."The insects 'Madam' are actually attracted to the medicine come out eat and die so you can see the cockroaches in your kitchen otherwise they are hidden....that means you do not have many but one or two here and there that also they might be visiting your kitchen  from the flat below you"....
"Good, good" I say "but I do not want to see any in my house".....In the meantime I clean the house spick and span and finish arranging things after the pest fellow signs off ........ satisfied. My kid comes home as usual she is high in energy ...I go to the kitchen to serve her lunch after which I start cleaning the slab again....'Oh mom an interesting piece of research says that -'women have a fetish for cleaning their homes'..I give her a look.  'Yes this they have got from the Stone Age days .....she persists ...'What?' I exclaim...' Yes like you have a problem here you are always cleaning'.....'Oh! Oh! I am not' I protest!

 Important lesson 'when you are pointing one finger at others three are pointed at you' I am no different...I accept! So Vidya( Balan Of Course) nothing unusual shown in the movie! 

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