Saturday, 21 July 2012

I am a big fitness fan more than fitness I am more of a figure might be true for most because the people like me who are experimenting with food and with themselves and how their figure looks are very common  today ....The other day I was avidly reading some article by Rujuta Davekar( hope the spelling is correct) the reason for Kareena's Size zero figure after which.....I was concentrating on my digestive juices...She says eat whatever you want to but the quantity must be decided by you..and don't concentrate on the food but on your digestive juices...what does it mean a days I am not feeling very hungry does that mean I should not be eating.....and according to one fitness site that says 'Please eat small mouthfuls and with your mouth closed otherwise air will  enter your system and you will look fat and I am confused asks me to eat whatever I want by concentrating on my juices and the other asks me to eat little morsels concentrating on my mouth so that I do not gulp air in? Oh God I..  let the fitness go for a toss... I decided in the end to  eat and forget about how I looked  and  not to take chances with my health was my final philosophy. Surprise,surprise.... after eating for a month to my hearts content I didn't put an ounce of weight so better make merry and eat ....what say  take care guys till my next meal....sorry next churn.... yawn ...G Night!

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