Monday, 23 July 2012

Satyameva Jayate!

This program guys is really taking the country by storm.......when it started I was a little skeptical about it... I even felt Amir was a little frigid in conducting it.....but as the program  progressed  the positive side to it  took the chunk.....unlike the other programs that always make money by creating a hype from the negative  news.... Amir did different! 
 He proved to us that  a positive change was round the corner ,  if the issues are TAPPED POSITIVELY ... 
 take the simple example of the latest episode---that dealt  with the water problems in our remote  villages......the solution give was so simple and easy ----to store  rain water for the future.....the process explained was also so simple that I ended up giving a lecture to my maid servant who lives in  a nearby slum and always complains about how hard she has to work everyday to fill water .......I simply lectured her Amir Khan style ---how to save rain water in huge tubs Bla bla ,clean, save and use. 

What I also like is ---- Amir lamely does not give advises ! Besides,the best part of the program.....  is  that- the examples of the people who have made it possible are always cited.The story of one such Village in Orissa was inspirational guys. In the times when  farmers are committing suicide by dozens Amir ..... has connected them  to the simple methods of existence  and to life! 

Now I know people ....what to do if we want water in Mumbai? You have to simply pull a bucket and place it  under an overflowing roof ? Only in the rainy season guys! Jokes apart Amir Khan and Staya Meva rock ..... this program  I am glued to  every Sundays without fail and mind you as long as it lasts nobody can distract me. 
Sadly,I hear it is going to end next week! Sad Sad...! But  that  is Amir khan for you....take him or leave him...
 I must mention  That the  episode on OLD AGE too  rocked guys. Now I  also know  what to do when I grow old....? Simple according to  Mr Khan every old person has to take up a cause fight passionately.
...and if one is  too Old then?   I don't know. I might get a solution in the next series!? Maybe!
Ok guys .....On that note ... be positive live your best life.....till my next mill! And, and, as  a last note Indians have matured I must say, to accept such a  truthful program on National Television! Bharat Mata ki Jai,,SATYAMEVA JAYATE!

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