Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Super Star... No More.....
I was never a great Rajesh khanna fan...but as the news about his passing away came about and  percolated into my consciousness much after the afternoon he breathed his last I switched on the T.V to follow  the news......... the mega- euphoria of the yesteryears... the songs from his films were playing on all the channels and the mad fans were crying at  Ashirwad ( His Home)to have a glimpse of the remains of one of the Bollywood’s all time greatest  SuperStars(a tag which was invented and created solely for him)... ....I was slowly pulled into the madness  ....... AND realised..With Kaka’s death.... another of the superstars came and went taking along a chunk of the Super Stardust....this man ruled the Hindi Cinema for ten years.....and his charisma was pulling the crowds  in lakhs..that was the power  of Kaka!( His fans lovingly called him as) A man who saw it all...been there... led a sedentary life ...  lost in himself as he lost his family and fans so we thought  it was heartening to see them back on his death of course ! A reminder that he was never forgotten in  the first place!....I on my part , for the first time saw his chiseled features  in Aradhana ..and of course as numerous of his fans will agree palpitatingly  Kaka did a  Roop tera Mastana ....and girls swooned from multiple orgasms of mixed euphoria and feelings of unknown romantic visualizations in those days...  ...and Amar prem brought a different orgasmic sadness of love rare in todays  young Superstars! Now I am mad for this man who brought the nostalgia alive in me that might have been ......if not while living but through death!   A great star fell and never  rose ... but on the hind sight ...... he will be always remembered for the Rajesh Khanna... he was!  His power lives on...!THANK YOU KAKA FOR BEING U! 

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