Thursday, 10 October 2013

Anita Advani’s sad story......

Anu’s Chatter....

Today dear friends I came across the Interview of Ms Anita Advaniin Times. (she was the live in girl friend of yesteryears super star..Mr Rajesh Khanna...)She was also recently evicted from the Big Boss house.
 The reason why I am mentioning her  is I feel deeply sorry for this woman. She said she was living in with Mr khanna for the past 20 or so years before his death. Now she is as we all know ( and for those who do not) that she is fighting a legal battle with Mr Akshay kumar and Dimple Kapadia for Mr Khanna’s property.

Its popularly known that Mr khanna was very sick ,on heavy medication and had terrible mood swings in his last years that Mr Akshay kumar and Dimple took advantage of. Ms Advani was not allowed even anywhere near his body after his death. She was publicly humiliated to leave the truck carrying him for his last rites. This is needless to say is a very painful insult for the lady .She is living with it ‘day in and day out.’

All said and done I could not understand  why the lady was not intelligent to understand the superstars nature?  Mr Rajesh estranged ( FROM HIS FAMILY)Khanna gave a damn to his family when they were with him. If the sources are to be believed, he was extremely selfish and self centered in his hay days , that drove Dimple out of their marital home. He cared a damn about his young brides ( Dimpi was 15 years younger to him) needs. It is also clear from his will ,(he left everything to his daughters and not to his better half or this lady in question) that he had used them totally.

 In all the 20 odd years he lived in with Anita , the so called boyfriend did not bother to give this lady anything ( cash or Kind)? Could not she even once understand his selfish nature ?Or was she so blind and besotted  that she could not see what was happening to her?No one knows , why women try and behave like 'Devis' and worship men they fall for and cry later ? I had liked her in Big Boss. She did not cash on her story ( with Mr Khanna)either in the house for public sympathy. Anyways ,some people are just not born cunning....or is it true love...Nobody knows !


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