Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Anu’s Chatter....

Two days back TOI reported of  eight rape cases in the city that took place,in the last eight months.All the rape victims were minors. Shocked beyond belief  is a lesser expression for me .....On one hand we are giving capital punishments for rapists( Delhi Nirbhaya case) but on the other, there are more rapes happening everywhere in the country (including our  city). What is happening here? I thought only animals( As people) lived in the far off corners of the world where, there is no education or culture...Am I proud to be an Indian?What  advise of caution can I give a girl child before  she ventures out in my city? 
One of my friends had implored me to write on the topic of  protective measures for women in Mumbai.Sorry! Nothing comes to my mind right now! 
Rape defies all parameters of ------respect  for  boundaries, normal thinking or for that matter a definition of a man .  The rapes of innocent minor girls is so ,so defamatory that it is beyond any tag..that I can even think exists in a normal  dictionary .Were Indian men always like this or we are getting to know about these Vulturous animals  now that women are venturing out or getting bolder enough to report them? At least  my concept of  ‘Indian ness’ has taken a beating guys ...Even in my wildest imagination ( Including that I put myself in the rapists position), cannot understand why someone should rape somebody?Wether it is consensual  or not .At the most I can think of is---- All rapists are sick people trying to express some kind of gender  supremacy( or any kind of sick supremacy I cannot fathom there ).I cannot even tag rapists as  animals.Animal Sex life is seasonal and for procreation. But a  rapists sex  is---- neither  seasonal, procreational or even pleasurable ? So why does he do it? The closest reason I can conclude is-----'Rape is a  sick expression of self denial, low self esteem, mental instability erupting from dark experiences of life that he might have failed to overcome with time.' 

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  1. To cross all the barriers of modesty and kill the spirit and soul of a woman by demonstrating the manhood over a helpless woman can be termed as the worst possible offence against humanity. But than where is the humanity today? especially in the country where we live, our society in this country has deteriorated to its worst so much so that to be a part of this society is a guilt ridden experience. We, the Indians are hypocrites of the highest order and its not only a rapist but the entire nation that requires a very stringent reformation to re-carve a society which may be worth living with. Our national character is like a naked shame reflecting a corrupt conglomerate of
    greed, a sick soul, an unstable integrity, a criminal mind and an abundance of self centered thought process. The values of not only the women but each weaker section of the society are completely lost and that a clear demonstration of the entire nation and the society being one of the sickest on the face of the earth. It so sad that we do not even deserve to be called animals because animals possess greater values of life than us.The worst realization comes to the mind that is it possible to reform a society which is degenerated beyond any possible cure.
    I for one am convinced that there has to be another life and another evolution devoid of any link to the present scenario if we ever want to live with dignity, esteem and contentment in this world which I know is a dream not so practical.