Wednesday, 14 January 2015

On writing my second book!

Anu's Chatter......

I have been absent from my blog for quite sometime. I am sorry to have done that..I am in the middle of writing my next book that is the reason. 

Needless to say I am super busy...writing is my career now and am I sharpening my talons at this blog now? I cannot particularly say as writing my book consumes most of my talent . So I am actually using all the sharpened talons..on this book ! Did not understand?  Its like growing children or a small plant! Understood? Patience , patience , patience. Thats what the writing of a book needs from the writer. 

Friends two years back I had decided to finally write a book . The experience was so  cathartic, that I have  decided to write books for the rest of my life! It is my future career option!  Luckily for me my plans work. Here I am a one book old ! My first ever book ---Two Winters and 365 Days released last year. Happy to share it is doing quite well...After that I decided never to write a book because I was so, so saturated of my energies..but bingo  I am into writing the second one...A more ambitious one! What do you expect?Most of the time I am absent from the get togethers, social circuits...but I am ‘Maha happy’ for myself. Why?  Because what a hundred gossips could do to me at a party or with a friend, the writing of my book does! Did not understand? Never mind---Write a book yourself you will or  if still you don't . check this ---somewhere I had read that gossiping can heal people....Lol!  

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  1. Congrats for ur first ever book released Two Winters and 365 Days released last year and all the best and blessing from my end for ue second book. i will wait for it.