Thursday, 4 August 2011


Hey guys, I am 'Maha khush' to have started my site again!Welcome back after a spell and feel free to connect,  comment,  write bout whats on your mind.........?

Somebody the other day commented that Tarot does not work. I said ok.....I have been a reader for sometime now( this is one of my timepass occupations).I did not comment on it cause I did not know if the guy was really speaking from experience!  Anyways for all out there take my word that it works otherwise people are not bonkers to try it again n again. The popularity shows it all!

Having said  I  will be making my predictions the tarot way..... guys get hooked as you can read whats in store.....for the day...
Todays card for the Day-

The high priestess.
A day to learn and understand. That is not all  but you will be up for a lot of surprises.......Guys if you are getting angry over work then please keep your cool .....cause you could lose it. All said ,it is a great day for learning and working!  'All is well that ends well 'and so will be 'Today.' You will feel elated over an achivement.
Bye till the next windmill.....


  1. Nyc to knw that u r a tarot reader!..had a word wid one of my friend dis morning who also happens to be a tarot reader..she also had to comment the same!!...hoping to see ur daily tarot predictions..:)

  2. Great Post, looking forward to regular blog updates.