Monday, 29 August 2011

First Love

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hey Guys,
Today I read an interesting piece of research that bowled me over !That says men fall in love at the first sight! Thay are also the ones to say 'I love you' first....  compared to women who think before making a commitment. The research also says.... it is the man  who decides ......... the  woman he is with is the 'One' . He is the one who takes the longest time to get over his lady love compared to women ...who are more realistic and take less time to get over their men....women are also slow decision makers in their love life! Wow! A very interesting piece of info in deed........ but then 'me thinks'.....  why  are so  many women crying hoarse over their men then.......on  the commitment issues!???

 There could be one problem though..... by the time a woman decides that the man is right for her he might   fall be 'in love' with someone (at the first sight)....... going by the research...... gowd as it is is a mad, mad world... given the number of dating issues we are having in India...either the women are with all the wrong men or men are commitment phobic or this piece of info is not applicable  in our country of arranged marriages.....or 'Love after marriage' concept country.... Whatever.... Woooooosh!
The Tarot Card for the day is ....The Sun,

It signifies brighness and success . But it also means that success will be comming to only those who herald on their positive energies. lots of good news awiats you all through the day . A legal issue could  get solved on a positive note. Superiors could award you at the work place, Wonderful presents will come your way It is the day to harness on to your positivity and creativity!
Bye till .......I churn my next .......

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