Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Happy to Be Back......

Anu’s Chatter-----

For the past 2.1/2 days I was out of Mumbai...excepting the one day for going and one for coming back ..In all 4and a half days  you can say.... After returning this morning my mind was occupied with how warm the whole experience of meeting so many people , after a long time was.....there was a little void...but I got busy doing my work around the house.
In Order---
  1. Cleaned the pots watered the plants removed all dry leaves..( feeling the void)
  2. Dusted the furniture a bit..( feeling lonely...missing Mom).
  3. Cleaned the fridge... and planning for the days...ahead. My lectures and the chores --the likes! ( Little lonely but mind occupied)

 4.Made coffee for my husband discussed how it was gr8 fun to be around the young of the family.( There is void after he leaves for work...so call him a couple of times but he has no time)

5 Cooked and finished work around home..bought some vegetables ....served food to my baby....finally sat to check mails....( still feeling little lonely)
6 Surfed and read the net, went to FB page, scanned through some ids of friends for more pics, posted some more pics and commented on some..( felt a bit nostalgic)
7 Finally Finally writing this blog.....In all ernest...I love it...The void long gone and nothing missing...Rather happy to be back....Its Mumbai and back to work ..Am I happy...Yes ,Yes ,Yes....very, very ,very ......Happy-------busy writing...nothing is missed and no void...back to my best life!

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