Thursday, 5 February 2015

Perfect Imperfections---

Anu’s chatter......

Sometimes mistakes make my writing good...while writing sometimes I let them be......small i for capital I or an extra word here or there..or just some colloquial words or language that makes it all very beautiful..the thought behind it is allowing the flow to remain as it is.... can make the sentenses  near perfect.. I do not edit them --Like just check this paragraph that went into  very little knife .

Do you want to be rich? Then visualise all the wealth in the world!.!.!. visualise everything that money can buy!.!.!. a private plane, yacht, 100 homes!.!.!. billions of dollars— anything and everything. Accounts running in crores in a Swiss bank. If you cannot, then visualise a Aladdin’s cave!.!.!. with all the wealth in it, and add more to it on your own,” Urvashi joked.
‘Is joking allowed during NLP?’ Ananya thought.
“Do you want the best body? Healthy body? Go all for it. See yourself having a smoky sexy body! The best figure in the world. You want success? Do you want name and fame? Visualise it because it shall be yours.”
Ananya was really feeling funny at this point! She had some doubt ‘How was it pos!.!.!.!?’
“Do not doubt anything,” Urvashi said, and Ananya jumped out of her doubtful thoughts.
“Visualise people asking for your autographs. Pining for you, loving you more than anything in the world!.!.!. Believe that it is all yours!.!.!. that shall happen.”
Funny!.!.!. In the trance, Ananya did not feel any different. She just felt as if she was lying down and listening to someone. She could hear all the instructions clearly. She went about visualising a happy family. In the happy family Alia was there, Marriamma was there, her mom was there, and she herself was there. She played with the baby, enjoyed a warm family time in a cosy home. She saw herself as a great mom.
“Go all about it! Visualise.”

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  1. awesome and even i will visualise that u became the best writer in India, oh no my bad, i mean not only in india but in world. U have everything and u reached where u wanted to reach and u have everything about what u dreamt for.

    “Go all about it! Visualise.”