Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Dog is the reflection ...of its Master

A Dog is the Reflection of its Master

A dog is the reflection of its master…
This was an interesting piece of research I came across in papers recently .It points out that a master chooses a pooch according to his own mentality such as the emotional state, mental makeup, etc. In short the demonour  as well as the looks of a pooch all point that, it is the reflection of its master….
As Human mind works…. geared with this piece of information….. I started looking at the masters (before my concentration was always on the dog which might jump on to me)
Let’s take a look……hummm….. one of my neighbors possesses a rare hunting dog. The dogs  is -ferocious but when attacked hides behind the master. The breed is rare with a short tail that the hunting dogs have with no furs (mane). We have a celebrity living in our building who is- Mr R. Madhavan . He owns two dogs…one is an Alsatian and the other a Chinese chow- chow. Very rare combination indeed!
I wasted no time finding analogies between the masters and the dog’s .I concluded that my neighbor was indeed ferocious. She in the rarest of fashions argues with the servants postmen courier, cable wallah and to top it she has the quality to ‘spook around in other peoples affairs’…..sniff into gossip…but hide even at the smell of a fight with the neighbors( Like her Dog). On the positive - she is very loyal and forthright to her friends not to speak of the hassle free but colorless life that she leads akin to the featherless dog that she owns.
On the other hand the two dogs of my celebrity friend reveal his aggressive side and the creative side to me. The Alsatian might reflect the singularly goal oriented nature of his master while the Chinese cow chow named ‘Simba’( which is a rare name again) speaks about the unusual creative side to our good looking hunk. Chinese chow- chow also symbolizes the lazy nature that the master might possess along with the carefree attitude that he may have. After this amazing find….I wanted to find my types.  I went through the portals exhibiting every dog breed with pictures and info. I looked and looked and finally dears, zeroed on - two breeds- Labrador  and the Golden retriever.  No marks for guessing my qualities …as the dogs reveal all!
Till the next churn…… dears …